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    Re: Installing 20.04

    Root is absurdly low. Give it at least 25-30GB.
    A separated swap partition is no longer needed.

    That said, the above likely has no effect on your issue. Your issue is the graphical interface not...
  2. Re: Trouble upgrading from 18.04 to 20.04

    Again, open Software & Updates > Other software and remove or deselect them there. This should be enough.
    The command to remove PPAs is the some as to add them but with --remove argument.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Another video streaming issue

    Why do you think that's an "issue"?
    And for the record you're using Chromium.
  4. Re: Trouble upgrading from 18.04 to 20.04

    You have lots of PPAs. Try disabling them all first.
  5. Re: Ethernet connection says "cable unplugged", new installation of Ubuntu 20.04?

    Secure Boot disabled does nothing to any driver. OTOH, Secure Boot enabled prevents loading unsigned drivers like the ones for your graphics card.
    There's no situation/scenario where hardware not...
  6. Re: Mount other drives in writing mode

    I would run the error correction tool in Windows to be sure.
    I would also make sure Fast Startup is actually disabled. Major Windows updates (feature updates) tend to re-enable it.
  7. [ubuntu] Re: pc boots to proprietary software desktop

    I have a feeling this is spot on.
    The brand or form factor are red herrings. The Giada miniPCs work pretty much like any other desktop PC. That said, this specific form factor with very low energy...
  8. Re: Mount other drives in writing mode

    Are the same partitions writable in Windows?
  9. Re: Ubuntu server 20.04 installation failed: non system disk error

    Secure Boot settings should be at Security.
    If Legacy is selected it's very likely that setting won't show up because not applicable.
  10. Re: Create a FAX server to send and receive fax

    Finding the hardware - "fax-modem" - and software for Linux nowadays is almost impossible and even if you make it work it'll be painful.
    Try or any other similar service.
  11. Re: Mount other drives in writing mode

    Are those NTFS partitions in a dual-boot with Windows 8 or newer? It seems so.
    Disable the Fast Startup "feature" in Windows and you should be fine.

    That said, you SHOULDN'T write to the Windows...
  12. [SOLVED] Re: BIOS update messed up graphics driver

    I strongly recommend you revise the UEFI settings. Any firmware update tends to reset the settings, namely re-enable Secure Boot.
    Secure Boot in particular shouldn't prevent loading open-source...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Screen resolution after update

    You have a mix of different Nvidia drivers versions.
    That is always bad but if it works do not touch it for the moment.
    If it breaks then purge all Nvidia drivers and install only the recommended...
  14. Re: Software & Update - Other Software

    This ^^^

    In this situations I always whether or not the third-party repos (PPAs) already support the the new upgraded release. That being the case I re-enable them and edit out the "disabled on...
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    Re: Scaling on HiDPI

    Have you tried setting it to the native resolution and then apply the desired scaling factor?
    Any monitor should work best with its native resolution.
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    Re: Bluetooth keyboard goes to sleep

    Yes, it happens with all wireless devices to save energy.
  17. Re: Unable to Upgrade from 18.04 > 20.04

    The main problem is the third-party software sources (for release upgrades), not so much what was installed from them.
    Again, check Software & Updates > Other software. Remove the PPA there.

  18. [kubuntu] Re: Kubuntu on ThinkPad E595 sometimes doesn't boot, stuck in BIOS BOOT menu

    The "boot mode" setting is unusual but probably means the following:

    Quick = Fast Boot
    Diagnostics = Normal Boot
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    Re: Install Ubuntu on acer n16q14

    Acer N16Q14 is an ARM Chromebook.
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    Re: Install Ubuntu on acer n16q14

    Good luck.
  21. [ubuntu] Re: Unable to install ANY Linux Distro: Black Screen and intermitting cursor stuck!

    Do you want to keep Windows or have only Ubuntu?
    If you want Windows you'll have to reinstall it anyway because you already deleted the required EFI partition...
  22. Re: Unable to Upgrade from 18.04 > 20.04

    Try removing the Wine PPA.
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    Sticky: Re: Ubuntu/Linux Screenshot Thread

    Excellent work.
  24. [SOLVED] Re: Activation of network connection failed [wired] after upgrade

    Disable Fast Startup in Windows.
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    Re: DVD's not mounting.


    If you google "DVDRAM GT80N" you'll find lots of similar situations and unrelated to the OS.
    Very likely hardware failure.
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