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    Re: Battery reported as dead

    Here's the output when the battery is reported as dead:

    ben@ben-MacBookPro:~$ acpitool -B
    Battery #1 : present
    Remaining capacity : 46640 mWh, 73.97%, 02:33:50
    Design capacity ...
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    Battery reported as dead

    This is something that I've noticed as a problem with Linux for a while. There doesn't seem to be any pattern to when it happens, but every now and then my battery meter will suddenly say that my...
  3. Re: Power usage increased after resume - hybrid graphics?

  4. Power usage increased after resume - hybrid graphics?

    MacBook Pro 8,2 efi boot with intel i915. When I boot up my power usage is around 11-12W, however, if I put the computer to sleep and wake it back up, power usage goes up to 24-27W. I suspect that...
  5. MacBook Pro 8,2 disable bluetooth hardware?

    Is there anyway to completely disable my bluetooth hardware? Bluetooth doesn't work reliably for me and is using up over 10 watts, so I would like to completely disable it and get a little longer...
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    [kubuntu] b43 Occasionally stops working

    Sometimes I will come back to my computer after a period of inactivity and my internet will no longer work (I am connected to the wireless network, but no data will pass). It will also happen from...
  7. [kubuntu] Issues trying out new 3.11 radeon drivers

    I'm trying to give the new radeon drivers in 3.11 a try, but when I try to boot 3.11 my graphics crash (entire screen slowly fades to white). I've installed the latest mainline kernel, and have...
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    [kubuntu] MacBook Pro 8,2 no bluetooth

    I cannot for the life of me get bluetooth to work on my MacBook Pro. I'm using wl drivers for the wifi card (BCM4331). Any ideas? Thanks.
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