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  1. [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu 17.10 dual display - log out when moving windows from one to another displ

    Update: I have begun using the NVIDIA drivers and have not had this happen yet again. When moving a window - almost always a Chromium window, from my laptop monitor over to the HDMI, it seems as...
  2. [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu 17.10 dual display - log out when moving windows from one to another displ

    This is happening to me constantly; at seemingly random points. Sometimes it is when I am dragging a window from one monitor to the other while at other times it is simply when double-clicking a file...
  3. Thread: Menu bar

    by uc50_ic4more

    Re: Menu bar

    This has been going on for a few weeks for me. It may be limited to GTK3 applications (?) as I note that Chrome, Firefox and Thunderbird seem unaffected.
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    Re: Statistics: we just love them

    Statistics? Almost everyone in Sweden has more than the average number of legs.
  5. Re: Want expert to verify assumptions before installation

    1) 80GB is plenty! I have my installation on a 10GB partition.
    2) If you have 4GB of RAM I cannot see the old 2:1 ratio of swap to RAM being anywhere near necessary. "Should" is used loosely when...
  6. Re: Is it possible to make an external harddrive internal?

    All of HDD's that are in systems I have set up for family, friends, neighbours, etc. started off as external HDD's. A few turns of a screwdriver nets you a plain ol', off-the-shelf SATA HDD that you...
  7. Re: Rename All Files in a Folder Numerically

    I think both the (GTK-based) "pyrenamer" and "gprename" applications, available through the Software Centre, could assist you.
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    Re: Ubuntu 12.10 cut off on TV

    This sounds like an "overscan" issue on your TV. There should be a provision on your TV's setup menu(s) to display it correctly.
  9. Re: What conditions do you think are required for the existence of consciousness?

    Aren't those things (at least the latter two) products _of_ consciousness?
  10. Re: What conditions do you think are required for the existence of consciousness?

    My understanding of consciousness has been that it is a biochemical phenomenon, harnessing the flow of energy from order to disorder ("Entropy", the second law of thermodynamics:...
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    Re: Tube Amplifiers

    I have a Neumann KM56 from 1960 and a couple of KM53's from around the same time period. I have a few Telefunken V72's that came, I believe, from an old East German radio broadcast console as well as...
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    Re: Tube Amplifiers

    I have a 1964 (pre-CBS) Fender Bassman, a 1971 Ampeg B-15 and several tube mics and mic amps. Love 'em!
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    [other] Re: Suggestion

    You can install the WINE package and try to install or run them using that. You can get more information, and even check on a database that reports on applications that do and do not work well here:...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Remmina Remote Desktop Client

    Are you using VNC or an SSH tunnel? If it's the latter, you could have everything from username to certificate issues when attempting to use your wife's account rather than your own. If you're "just"...
  15. Re: Why do Canadians have such a think accent?

    Who has an accent, eh? Is there a "base" English or any other language against which other dialects or "accents" are juxtaposed?
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    [ubuntu] Re: HDMI connection

    When I was using XFCE in Arch, I had this script run when the HDMI cable was plugged in:

    The first part is related to activating, placing and scaling the external device; the second is...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Updates - What level of trust?

    The repositories from Ubuntu can be counted on with very, very few exceptions. Some software you install may have brought into use their own repositories (Google Chrome and the Google Voice & Video...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Backup Software for Ubuntu

    I use Deja-Dup to keep a copy of my entire /home partition on an external drive that is left disconnected from the machine and unplugged from power when not in use. This mitigates against software...
  19. Thread: Open shot

    by uc50_ic4more

    [ubuntu] Re: Open shot

    I've used Vegas (and loved it passionately) and currently use Final Cut. The offerings you'll find for Linux will all be limited in function and learning curve.
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    Re: What do you use your Ubuntu for!?

    Been an on and off user since 5.04; alongside other distros like Debian and Arch. I use Ubuntu for all personal tasks: domestic management (I'm a stay-at-home dad these days), communications (email,...
  21. [wubi] Re: Windows Movie Maker alternative in Ubuntu?

    I have never seen any Linux portable apps at all. There are two immediate issues I see with even trying that:

    1) Applications like Openshot use so very many system libraries that bundling them all...
  22. [ubuntu] Re: Rhythmbox imports .log files in library

    You mean these files are getting imported into your playlist and are being displayed alongside actual audio??? I have had many log files and playlist files, etc. reported as importing errors in...
  23. Re: Do any video editors work on Precise (12.04)?

    Hmmmmm. I've used both PiTiVi and Openshot on a 12.04 and 12.10 install for "casual" stuff (straight cuts, few colour corrections, no compositing, little audio effects, etc.) and have had no trouble...
  24. Thread: Open shot

    by uc50_ic4more

    [ubuntu] Re: Open shot

    If by "in between" you mean that you have a clip, then the transition, then another clip, to quote teh interweb: "your doing it wrong" :^)

    On the timeline, instead of this:
  25. Re: Full screen with gnome-player and VLC not working properly

    Both of these applications, in their preferences dialogues, offer options for video "output". Both may well be set to "default"; perhaps trying a different option(s) will work?
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