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    Re: Time to say goodbye

    Hm, I still can log in.
    What exactly am I supposed to do to get my account deleted?
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    Poll: Re: The Ubuntu Document Storage Facility Poll

    1. So that nobody gets a wrong impression. I use both resources and I enjoy them immensly. I'd really like to thank everyone who contributed to either of them.

    2. I don't think a philosophical...
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    Time to say goodbye

    After again having had to make the experience that forum staff are neither willing, nor able to address misconduct of one of their own, but instead will focus on harassing and threatening the one who...
  4. Poll: Re: Poll: Gnome vs KDE

    At the moment I really enjoy using KDE on my main desktop machine. I think the main reason for this is that I feel that Kubuntu is finally in a usable state.

    In the releases prior to dapper it...
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    Poll: Re: To Ubuntu or not to Ubuntu...

    Well, I don't think it's really an eithor or situation. I'd recommend setting up a dual boot. This way you can stay with XP and at the same time explore Ubuntu.

    About having no net access, this...
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    Re: I never thought I'd do this...

    If we are not allowed to flame you, can we at least ridicule you, Applefanboy? :twisted:

    Just joking and I'd also be interested in hearing about your experiences.
  7. Re: How come MEPIS, PCLOS, can support mp3s? (Legal perspecitive)

    Ah, of course it was me who was rude and insulting, not the moderator. As we all know, on this forum mods never make mistakes and by definition they don't insult others. So, where exactly was I rude...
  8. Re: How come MEPIS, PCLOS, can support mp3s? (Legal perspecitive)

    AFAIK both Suse and Fedora don't come with mp3 playback.
    Also, I think the main problem is that it's a legal grey area, so many distros choose the safe route of not including mp3 playback by...
  9. Re: How come MEPIS, PCLOS, can support mp3s? (Legal perspecitive)

    It's patent encumbered, exactly, but the actual decoders are still open source.

    And no, I did not know what you meant. I simply did understand what you wrote differently from what you seem to have...
  10. Re: How come MEPIS, PCLOS, can support mp3s? (Legal perspecitive)

    No, mp3 support is opensource, that is, you can get the source code of mad, lame, the gstreamer stuff from fluendo.
    The problem is entirely a legal one as there a patents on mp3 that also are...
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    Re: Sorry everybody! The forums are great!

    Well, looking at your original thread, I don't think you have to apologize for anything.

    However, others should apologize to you, though I doubt this will happen.
  12. Re: Who do you want to win the 2006 (football) world cup

    Germany, but only if they play good and not do it the usual way, play terrible but somehow make it to the final anyway.

    P.S.: Why do you people think England could win? Have penalty shootouts...
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    Poll: Re: What are your favorite sports?

    Football, that is, football as in soccer for our American friends. ;)

    Seeing how my favorite team sometimes plays at the moment, I'd also file this under "Mixed martial arts". :???:
  14. Re: initial thoughts on Ubuntu/Linux and what need to be improved

    First off, hi and welcome to the forums. :-D

    1. I agree. I don't have any way of testing this, as I don't have a windows partition, but if Ubuntu really doesn't do this, this certainly is an area...
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    Re: Does Compiz replace Gnome or KDE?

    I think you have a few things mixed up here.
    First off, Gnome is a desktop environment. As such it uses metacity as its default window manager. The only thing the window manager really does is,...
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    Re: Does Compiz replace Gnome or KDE?

    No, it replaces the window managers they use, that is metacity and kwin.
    However, afaik both metacity and kwin will take advantage of XGL/Aiglx in the future, so you won't need to run compiz to get...
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    Re: Google Earth Is Going To Be Ported To Linux?

    You mean like ;)
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    Re: Google Earth Is Going To Be Ported To Linux?

    What's so terrible about winelib?
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    Re: Linux/Unix M.C.S.E. equivalent?

    You should also take a look at LPIC as it's more vendor independend:
  20. Re: Recommened system requirements Ubuntu - XP Vista

    Hm, i must do something wrong then, as I don't reinstall and don't fiddle, but just use Dapper?
    Any hint on what I did wrong?

    That's not really true either, as if anything the requirements to...
  21. Poll: Re: In your opinion what is the biggest setback that is preventing Linux to widesprea

    Well, let's put it this way.
    If an OS was only secure because it isn't used by many people, then it really would be a ****** OS and one shouldn't use it in the first place.
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    Re: Google Picasa for Linux

    The difference is that you don't need to setup wine or anything else, you just have to install a deb.
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    Re: Picasa for Linux released!

    Another false assumption I think. Just because you release your app under a free license does not narrow your target audience to only linux users, let alone linux users who care about such things.
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    Re: recomended reading for ubuntu users? about the philosophy behind free software.

    For an open source perspective:
  25. Re: Google rips people off, settlement for this cost them90million and their shares g

    I understand this comment, that's why I know it doesn't make sense.
    Also, google simply reflects what people assign relevance to on the internet, so if a lot of people assign relevance to this...
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