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    [ubuntu] Re: Samsung NC10 with built in umts (3g)

    having loads of issues with my build in umts... on some boots the umts works , on some boots it doesnt ... sometimes website opening is slow .... it is realllly irritating

    in windows it works...
  2. [ubuntu] Re: Low backlight brightness when turned on without power (Samsung NC10)

    i have the exact same issue on my samsung nc10 running ubuntu 9.10 :(
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    [ubuntu] Samsung NC10 with built in umts (3g)

    Hi everyone!
    I bought a new samsung nc10 with a built in 3g module, and i put a fresh copy of 9.10 on to it.

    the module only works after every two boots! So if it doesnt work i have to reboot to...
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