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  1. [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu 11.04 compatability with HP dv6t laptop.

    Hmnn, I have the same specs except

    Core i7 2630QM
    ATI 6700M 2 GB
    750 GB 7200 RPM HDD
    RaLink Wifi module
    Blu-ray drive

    I tried loading Ubuntu 11.10, and everything seemed to work pretty...
  2. [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu 11.04 compatability with HP dv6t laptop.

    Can I get the specs of your laptop. Mine has Intel HD + AMD 6770M, along with a Ralink Wifi. I couldn't care less about using my ATI card in linux, the driver support of ATI on linux has...
  3. [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu 11.04 compatability with HP dv6t laptop.

    I was trying to install Ubuntu Natty through Wubi today. The installation used to hang on the Radeon driver, but went sucessfully when I started in safe graphics mode. Now, I have a installed Ubuntu...
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    Re: What are you listening to right now?

    For whom the bell tolls - Metallica
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    [other] Public IPv6 server

    By some miracle, my University ISP is supporting IPv6 now, but they haven't setup a IPv6 supporting DNS yet.
    I was able to find many for IPv4, like OpenDNS or But no IPv6 :(

    Can anyone...
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    Re: "Merry Christmas"

    Merry christmas
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    Poll: Re: Do you use Ekiga?

    I would really love to use Ekiga, as it has Gtalk voice support. But I cannot as I am behind a proxy and that is not supported by Ekiga.
    So I have to return to Pidgin. Atleast it works in text only...
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    [ubuntu] Re: [SOLVED] Cant update...

    I use 300 MB, as I have to use multiple OS.
    One Ubuntu release takes up almost 100MB I guess, and if you reinstall every new release, 100MB would be enough.

    BTW, you may also try to have only...
  9. Re: Proposal: Replace Pidgin with Empathy by Ubuntu 9.04

    Well the blocker bug for me is that Empathy has no support for authenticated proxy. I primarily use a gmail jabber account, and would have been nice if could have used Empathy for voice chat....
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    Re: VLC is moving to QT4

    That option works for Skype, and not for VLC (atleast the way I build it).
    However, this guy report that VLC is working using GTK themes.:guitar:

    Perhaps I build it the wrong way....
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    Re: VLC is moving to QT4

    Well as for now, one can install the GtkStyle QT engine so as the widget of the QT4 theme are picked up from your GTK theme.
    For example, I use a modified form of 'Futurelook' on my computer, and...
  12. Re: May 2008 Desktops (Safe for work ONLY) - Please include theme details.

    My desktop for May
  13. How: Get Wine Sound with all other application using sound

    I found this method at a wiki explaining configuration of PulseAudio.

    Wine/PulseAudio don't love to work with each other. So if you first start a MusicPlayer and then a application in...
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    [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Trouble installing plone

    I installed plone-site metapackage from Synaptic.

    It asked my password and port it wanted. I gave it 8081(the default) and proceeded.
    However, I can not run the zope instance by doing...
  15. [ubuntu] Re: How to I setup my display settings?

    Oh yes I found it under other section but I had to edit my menu to show it first. Thanks
  16. [ubuntu] Re: How to I setup my display settings?

    I have an intel onboard card and just wanted to set my monitor type correctly. The resolution applet detects it as 15" samsung while mine is a 17" monitor. Also I wanted to change my driver to i810....
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    [ubuntu] Re: Strange lines watching videos?

    any decent Nvidia card would do the job.
  18. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] How to I setup my display settings?

    In Gutsy we had a tool of selecting driver to use, setting monitor setting, etc. How do I do this in Hardy?

    I cannot find a item in menu regarding this. Help
  19. Re: Keyboard in CNC3 : Tiberium Wars doesn't work

    The default Wine package included doesn't has patches to run CnC3 properly.
    However, workarounds exist to make this game playable.
    Go to this URL and follow the tutorial....
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    Poll: Re: so u like or not the new forum look ?

    Can't we have an option to keep previous look till this one is perfected???

    Just to add, new fonts are great!!!
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    Re: HOW TO: Install and configure lm-sensors

    Worked for me in Gutsy...
    But my Intel DG965RY reported sensors only for the CPU temp... Hmnn that's odd :confused:
  22. Re: counter stike freezes with intel x3000

    Counterstrike works now with Intel G965 and Gutsy Gibbon
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    Re: Photoshop/GIMP Manipulated Image: Bill Gates recommends Ubuntu!

    It is not 'his' operating system. He got it 'licensed' by M$ corp. :lolflag:
  24. Re: Trying to play ANYTHING- and it's not working!

    +1. Only hope for you may be to try experimental 'intel' driver. I have a Intel X3000, and I was able to play games only after Gutsy updated my video drivers.
  25. Thread: Bioshock

    by mysticmatrix

    Re: Bioshock

    Unreal 3 uses DX 10 and OpenGL 2.1/3.0 where available + all other input,physics, blah-blah of Unreal engine is also cross platform.
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