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    Re: web sight gui

    pretty please understand English before trying to author works with it.
  2. Poll: Re: Do you care for free (free of charge) software?

    I suppose this goes along with Free Society, but my main reason for using linux vs. Windows/Mac at the moment is being able to run the software I need for my business without having to deal with...
  3. Re: HOWTO : Subversion & Eclipse development environment

  4. Re: HOWTO : Subversion & Eclipse development environment

    I keep getting this error when I try to view the repo:

    sudo svn co svn://localhost/var/local/svn/projectx
    svn: /var/local/svn/projectx/conf/svnserve.conf:9: Option expected

    or from within...
  5. Re: Installing and setting up Eclipse with Sun's Java

    Just wanted to confirm this worked great in xubuntu dapper. Eclipse opened much faster than ever, dunno if xfce or the Xms Xmx settings were the kickers, but I'm happy!

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    Re: Broadcom 4306 With Ndiswrapper 54 Mbps

    Just got this working with a Linksys WPC54GS (bcm4306) under Xubuntu 6.06 (Fresh install). I used the driver from linksys and renamed the inf file to match the sys file. Went without a hitch,...
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    Re: Getting started with C++ in Ubuntu

    I dunno about finding links to tutorials... I mean C/C++ can quickly get to the point where the avg online tutorial doesn't give you the explanation you need. You have to ability to get very...
  8. Poll: Re: HOWTO : Create a FTP server with user access (proftpd)

    I just setup proftp per this howto, everything work great, except when I connect from my laptop and upload stuff, the file permissions are dropped completly. This mean I can't upload entire...
  9. Re: Automatix: Automated Graphical Installer and Tweaker (look here first!)

    OK so far, all i've come across is a Java dependancy issue. java5_bin, java5_jre and java5_plugin seem to be suffering from some sort of circular dependancy issue. Synaptic was able to repair the...
  10. Re: Automatix: Automated Graphical Installer and Tweaker (look here first!)

    hmmm, I installed automatix per these instructions. Then installed most of the list. I noticed A LOT of depency errors scrolling by. When it was all said and done, I had a bunch of broken links in...
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    Re: Howto: Backup and restore your system!

    I just gotta give you kudos on that one. ;)
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    Re: Ubuntu Certification from LPI

    You're paying for the test. Are you suggesting that the people who administer the test, teach the training courses and oversee the requirements of the those resources should not be compensated for...
  13. Re: Automatix: Automated Graphical Installer and Tweaker (look here first!)

    heh, I just spent 3 days manually doing half of what Automatix does autmatically...

    look here first - who knew you meant it...

    I managed to hose several things on my laptop, so when I get home...
  14. Re: Discussion: Programming from the Ground Up

    the actual code said int, I posted from a different machine. I dunno what the deal was, but I just tried it and it worked. crazy
  15. Discussion: Programming from the Ground Up

    mkay, so I know a few language, but I've never messed with assembly before. So I decided to learn. To do so I'm reading "Programming from the Gound Up" which can be found here.

    Right off the...
  16. Re: HOWTO: Cleaning up all those unnecessary junk files...

    nice, good tips... good job showing the gui tools too, however, I can see tips 1,2 & 4 being something to do regularly, or at least repeatedly. So how about the command line equivalents for these? ...
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    Re: Improve performance in Ubuntu

    OpenOffice and StarOffice share a past don't they? Seems like Sun aquired a copy of the source and closed it somehow or other... Anyway at the very least StarOffice used to be free, moneywise and...
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    Re: How did you learn to program

    In chronoligical order (I think)

    JAVA/JAVASCRIPT (At this oint I realized I could program in just about any language given the language references, I had the concepts...
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    Re: HOWTO: Set up VNC server with resumable sessions

    I haven't read all 12 pages of this thread, but... I did the howto in post 1, and did the stuff listed here:

    if I do vncviewer <ip>:0 I can take...
  20. Re: HOWTO: Tweak your ext3 filesystem for a performance boost

    Got another 1.75 MB/s on Dapper with ext3, thanks ^^
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    Re: MUD Spelled Backwards is DUM.

    favorite MUD: Adventure's Unlimited (
    Favorite MudClient: tintin++ (learn it, live it, love it!)

    I have a general distaste for graphical mud clients... most are buggy at...
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    Re: Improve performance in Ubuntu

    Thanks blue, I"ll check it out...

    Also, found this HOwto to get me started... just in case anyone else feels the same...
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    Re: Improve performance in Ubuntu

    Before doing anything to tweak the perfomance of my ubuntu install, I'd like to get some benchmarks so I can see what kind of performace increase I'm getting. So how does one go about getting these...
  24. Re: Setting up web dev environment question - enjoy!:D
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    Re: HOWTO: Win32 Video Codecs

    Thanks man, all good now.
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