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  1. [kubuntu] Re: Any Qt clients for Music Player Daemon in the repos?

    I just compiled cantata, and it is by far the best and most complete Qt mpd client around. Anybody knows who to ask for it to be included in the repos?

    Just for future reference, these are the...
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    [kubuntu] Re: gtk-qt-engine doesn't work

    I can confirm this, but the bug report that you linked seemed to be something different.

    Edit: Nevermind, you'd missed a 0, i confirmed your report there.
  3. Re: How To: Svideo / Dual Monitor(xinerama) / Dual Monitor(cloned desktop) on i945

    Hello, i wanted to know if this guide would help with the new "intel" driver, on kubuntu hardy, and if not, what parts of it should be modified (asuming that this is possible).

    Any help would be...
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