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    [ubuntu] Re: how to use ibus?

    It seems like the input option is not available in 64 bits version. I'm using 10.10 64 bits, chinese input in skype is not available,. Any thoughts?

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    [ubuntu] Re: OCS Inventory Login error, MySQL related

    Hi Mindwip,

    do you mind sharing your experience on setting up an OCS Inventory server with ubuntu? I have been trying to search for a good tutorial but seems that I couldn't get one with step by...
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    [ubuntu] Re: OpenVPN Server GUI Interface

    Hi Suryaubunteroz,

    you may want to refer to this article, which I have previously used to configure for my client. You may also want to install webmin and openvpn module to administrate your...
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    [ubuntu] Re: OpenVPN Server GUI Interface

    Although this is not a discussion on Windows, I found this tools which I tried to administrate the openvpn server on windows, but I wasn't able to get it through, and have no much interest to study...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Can't add printer in 10.04

    I think the recent updates in 10.04 has caused the cups not starting automatically on boot. My printers were working fine until this morning after I did an updates and all my printers were not...
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    [other] Re: Kalkun - PHP Frontend for gammu-smsd


    I saw your project on kalkun while searching for open source SMS gateway, I find that your project has potential but lack of good tutorials and full integration with gammu and mySQL part.
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    [ubuntu] Re: OpenSSL vulnerability in Debian---Ubuntu too?

    I'm confused, does that mean that I have to regenerate everything? CA, VPN-Server, and keys for server and clients?

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    [ubuntu] Re: loose creation date when copying files

    I face the same problem here, this problem used to happen few years back when I was using 5.04. In 6.06 I managed to edit the /etc/fstab with the gid and uid values and it copied the file well, date...
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    [ubuntu] Unable to upgrade from 6.06 to 8.04

    Hi guys,

    hope someone can help me on this. I recently tried to upgrade my ubuntu 6.06LTS to 8.04, however, I think I have screwed up upgrade process in the desktop environment, after which I am...
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    Re: Howto Share internet connection

    Could someone write an working example for this?
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    Re: Connection Manager: a new wireless manager

    does this wireless manager work for all wireless devices?
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    Re: HOW TO surf anonymous

    Is there any step-by-step guide for 6.06? if seems that I have hard time making it work
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    Re: Installing Webmin on Dapper Server

    When was it make available in the repositories? I tried last week and I wasn't there still, or have I not added the correct repositories entry? Please help

  14. Re: HOWTO: Install Firefox 1.5 from

    I'm afraid that is not a total solution yet. It only disable SCIM with FF1.5. You will notice that you will not be able to input other languages in it. I just hope that SCIM developers will soon find...
  15. Re: HOWTO: Install Firefox 1.5 from

    same question again, do you have SCIM installed? I have the same problem, same error message like yours and I found out that it is due to SCIM, chinese input etc.
  16. Re: HOWTO: Install Firefox 1.5 from

    hahahaha swmiller6,

    relax, thats linux, I have the same kind of feelings you have previously. You will find the beauty of it one day. Just think that you know somwthing new that most don't....
  17. Re: HOWTO: Install Firefox 1.5 from

    No. If you have SCIM installed, you wil have the same error too. Mine have. I am hoping for some solutions to come out soon. Cheers
  18. Re: Firefox 1.5 installer script

    has nobody com out with a solution for SCIM and FF1.5 yet?
  19. Re: HOWTO: Install Firefox 1.5 from

    Hi Swmiller6,

    do you have SCIM installed on your ubuntu?
  20. Re: Firefox 1.5 installer script

    You are right, Weeguy, it really has crippled my SCIM, while I don't really need to type chinese or other language, only sometimes. But the feeling of being crippled is too upset.

    Hope someone can...
  21. Re: Firefox 1.5 installer script

    Hi weeguy,

    thanks for your reply. Seriously, I was in a rush to try that "solution", and didn't notice that SCIM was crippled. Will try later.

    Where can I get the SCIM supported ff1.5 that you...
  22. Re: Firefox 1.5 installer script

    Hi guys,

    I solved the problem. If you have install SCIM, this could be the problem (firefox unable to start with error

    /opt/firefox/ line 131: 8175 Segmentation fault ...
  23. Re: Firefox 1.5 installer script

    Hi arnieboy, did what you mentioned, it din work. Kinda upset, looks like I have to reinstall the whole thing again and do lotsa stuff from scratch again. Sigh!
  24. Re: Firefox 1.5 installer script

    thanks arnieboy, will try that later on. Thanks for your reply.
  25. Re: Firefox 1.5 installer script

    Help! mine don't seem to work at all. I tried the Howto, it didn't work, and now I tried the script from arnieboy, but it still doesn't work. when I start firefox from console it gives an error.
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