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  1. [ubuntu] Re: Jaunty running HOT + unexpected shutdowns

    A computer shouldn't be running at 80 C period. 50C is hot.

    Jaunty might be pulling more strength from the hardware or spinning the fans less to conserve power. Though seriously 80C you really...
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    [ubuntu] Re: wine trouble. Please help

    Should be of help. Sounds to be the same thing. Also leaves multiple solutions.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Computer Wont Boot :(

    I fear hard drive failure if you're having trouble force mounting the drives from a liveCD

    Attempt to check the partitions with fsck possibly too.

    Only issue i see is if you were using an...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Broken Package: nfs-kernel-server

    It's not
    apt-get remove --purge
    apt-get purge

    so instead you should do this command

    sudo apt-get purge nfs-kernel-server
  5. [all variants] Re: Is there an linux alternative to Net Monitor

    It needs to be something a teacher could use that barely under stands it you can't expect every teacher to have IT level knowledge they just don't want to have all that info.

    Logging into each...
  6. [all variants] Re: Is there an linux alternative to Net Monitor

    Very far off from what I'm talking about. Yes I know the application having the name Net Monitor is horribly misleading, but thats what the company oddly decided to name it.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Matlab 7.6 Simulink Problem

    You need to send this bug to the makers of the application. We can't help really since the application isn't open source other than suggesting a different distro version or different distro. Maybe...
  8. [all variants] Re: Is there an linux alternative to Net Monitor

    Thing is it needs to be centralized and a web app wouldn't cut it because it would need to be run transparently at well done speeds with administration rights (so a rouge user couldn't mess it up)...
  9. [all variants] Is there an linux alternative to Net Monitor

    I'm curious about this because it seems to be a nicely done application. It's key features are that it can monitor an entire network of computers easily like screen blocking (presents a message that...
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    [all variants] Re: LinuxMint FluxBox/Xubuntu

    You might like CruchBang linux if its resources that your trying to save.
  11. Re: Usage of Intel C/C++ Compiler for faster applications.

    There have been reported pretty optimized code coming out of Intel compiler like normally up to a capable 30% or more and about 10% on average ( These are underestimations of actual statistics that...
  12. Usage of Intel C/C++ Compiler for faster applications.

    The Intel C/C++ Compiler has been proved to be capable of compiling at a very well done level. Maybe seeing if its possible to use it for the x86/x86_64 ports of the ubuntu repositories in order to...
  13. Re: Getting Open Source to Computer Manufacturers

    If a manufacture wants a customized distrobution let them hire some people to do so and work with the company/sponsors behind the distrobution.
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    [ubuntu] Re: can you play ubuntu files w/ windows?

    The suggestions about making Windows able to see the Ubuntu parition are very bad. Those drivers are known to corrupt ext3/2 partitons.

    Personally I say make an OS Share Partition. ( FAT32 )
  15. Poll: Re: I propose an alternative to panels and docks[idea]?content=88162

    Stuff like that ?
  16. Re: Getting Open Source to Computer Manufacturers

    No NO and NO. I don't think i need to explain myself.

    By the way Mac OS X has a lot of open source internals equipped with simple proprietary front ends.
  17. Re: Is down for anyone else?

    How do we get gnome look back?
  18. gnome look gone?

    It doesn't seem to be there does anyone know what happened to it?
    This could be a serious issue. I was about to look for some themes and noticed it.
  19. Re: Change the way applications are handled for normal users.

    Anyone have ways to improve these concepts?

    I put part of it in brainstorm but i changed it some.
  20. Re: Special keystrokes to all basic tools.+ Lighter tool alternatives.

    Any opinions on this?
  21. Thread: Windows 7

    by yaknowwat

    Re: Windows 7

    Already copied it? That has been around since probably before vista. Don't need trolling :popcorn:
  22. Re: Replace Firefox with Epiphany as the defaultbrowser

    Yes Epiphany Webkit would be nice. Getting away from firefox's gecko engine would be for the better performance wise. The newest versions of the gecko engine have has some serious performance...
  23. Re: Repositories with optimized packages for different architectures

    I never said break compatibly. I was just saying bring it up to i586 (which is Pentium II ) then optimize for say pentium4.

    The minimal base of ubuntu uses about 30 MiB of RAM which is too much...
  24. Re: Repositories with optimized packages for different architectures

    I'll be honest and say its not truely the kernel than needs these optimizations but the applications do.

    The lowest specs someone will be running ubuntu on is a Pentium II with say openbox. Which...
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    Poll: Re: Replace Network Manager with WICD

    With intrepid the included network manager seems to handle things very well ans is quite simplified. This thread is losing its value now.
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