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  1. [ubuntu] Re: Switch desktop sessions inside a virtual machine

    You can try one of this

    1. HostKey + F1 (where HostKey is often the right Ctrl key)

    2. First press F1, then Ctrl and then Alt. Your host OS won't pick it up but the guest OS will.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Windows portable apps in Ubuntu?

    +1 I suggest VMware it works like a charm on my ubuntu :)
  3. Re: Script for automated rtorrent installation with rutorrent for Ubuntu 10.04!

    Wow! Thanks for sharing your script.
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    [SOLVED] Re: Block all traffic except whitelist

    You might want to use a Squid Proxy instead of using iptables to block websites since ip addresses of websites can change.

    Another easy way is to use OpenDNS and block all domains and just...
  5. Re: HOW TO: mount /tmp to ram for insreased preformance.

    Do you know how to setup a real ramdisk?
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