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  1. [ubuntu] vodafone webbook armv7l - how do I upgrade?

    Hello All

    I have a Vodafone Webbook which originally came with Lucid installed (despite the fact that the system was bought just before Christmas last year...).

    lscpu gives me: Architecture...
  2. [ubuntu] Re: kernel upgrade errors after fresh install


    ...and yep, same issue - as I remember this does happen from time to time. Wait a bit (as in a day or so) and try again. This happened to me on a 32-bit Ubuntu with no kernel tweaking.
  3. [ubuntu] How to change video brightness in Totem Movie Player

    Hmm, well the title says it all really, but to elaborate:

    I seem to be able to play most anything without serious issues, but would like to be able to change the degree of brightness of the video...
  4. [ubuntu] Re: DVD Rip only ripping / encoding 70%


    I sent some info to the bug report mentioned above in reply to a post there - it was agreed that I should rather submit this to the forums as it would then be of benefit to a wider audience,...
  5. [ubuntu] Re: Evolution randomly asks for the pop3 password

    Just an update...

    I installed Thunderbird again, with Evolution still onboard, by way of comparison. Thus far Thunderbird has been flawless. When I see another Evolution update I will try it...
  6. [ubuntu] Re: Evolution randomly asks for the pop3 password

    Hi Lisati

    Agreed - this is what I do at the moment - as per my original post.

    Seahorse is set to only allow read access for Evolution and I just click cancel when it queries the password.

  7. [ubuntu] Re: Evolution randomly asks for the pop3 password


    Yes agreed, that might be the easiest. In past installs of 9.10 I have used Thunderbird - it was what I used in XP and really just works, at least for me - snag is that Evolution comes with...
  8. [ubuntu] Evolution randomly asks for the pop3 password


    Just wondering if anybody has a work-around for this issue:

    I am running Ubuntu 9.10 and generally have few problems except that totally randomly Evolution pops up a password query. Email...
  9. Re: What applications do the Ubuntu devs use ?

    Thanks Monkeyking

    Do you know I had clean forgot about that app... Will have to give it a try, if only out of sheer curiosity :) - and it cannot be harder to learn than C++...

  10. What applications do the Ubuntu devs use ?


    I was just wondering what application the Ubuntu devs use for C++ ?

    Thus far, I have had a look at Kdevelop (which has issues compiling), Geany (which is great for simple stuff, but I am...
  11. Re: KDevelop on ubuntu /bin/sh: konsole: not found , OpenGL same as Windows ? , other


    I just installed konsole - kdevelop is a KDE app, so it is looking for the KDE version of terminal...

  12. [other] Re: Is anyone having problems w/ medibuntu or WINE repos?


    medibuntu cannot be verified atm here either...

    W: GPG error: intrepid Release: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Unable to install 8.10

    hi thayle

    when you first boot off the cd, you get a list of choices, one of which is to check the cd for defects.

    i would do that first

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    Re: kdevelop can't compile on ubuntu 8.10

    hi grinias

    yep - as far as i remember i cd'd to the project and ran that command - as i recall, it did work, but the need to do this really irritated me - so i ended using geany in ubuntu and...
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    Re: kdevelop can't compile on ubuntu 8.10


    I cannot believe this ! I left Gentoo because this happened (the libtool upgrade - and the fact that I was having so much fun tweaking I got no studies done...).

    The solution mentioned to me...
  16. how to change geany error indcator


    this is driving me mad - I have absolutely everything else in Geany set up as I want it, but I cannot change the error indicator from both a yellow arrow in the line number area as well as a...
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