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  1. [ubuntu] Re: .sh running on terminal automatically closes

    :S fixed. Why does it have to be that way? I had to manually change to set it to execute for all those? D: FYI, this file is uhm xD a visual novel game. Is there an easier way to get all those in a...
  2. [ubuntu] .sh running on terminal automatically closes

    I've encountered this problem before, but I forgot how I have fixed it exactly. I think I changed the perms but I don't remember the specifics.

    I have changed the perms for the folder and the...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu 13.04 on eMachines eM350

    I don't have a review, but I'm on Ubuntu 13.04 on eMachine eM350. I haven't had any problems with it so I guess it's okay. I've made a few changes with this though. I upgraded the memory to 2 GB and...
  4. [all variants] Re: HOW TO Add Support for KYE, UC-logic, and Waltop Tablets in Ubuntu

    OMG thank you guys. People who make things work make Ubuntu the choice for me. :D My Genius EasyPen i405x is working perfectly :D
  5. Re: Katawa Shoujo and other .sh visual novels crashing

    Thanks for leading me to have it fixed. xD I was able to change the perms woot woot. Working fine now.
  6. Re: Katawa Shoujo and other .sh visual novels crashing

    How do I do that? xD

    Also, what could be the problem? This also happens to the other sh files I have.

    I tried changing perms from the Apps folder and it doesn't stay changed. x___x It seems...
  7. Re: Katawa Shoujo and other .sh visual novels crashing

    I tried this.

    I have no idea what it means.
  8. Katawa Shoujo and other .sh visual novels crashing

    Before I used 12.04, I was able to play visual novels with .sh files. When I reformatted and tried playing the same old files I have, the terminal turns on and then it dies instead of showing the...
  9. Re: help install renpy games with tar.bz2 on ubuntu

    I used to be able to just run the .sh file and play. But after I reformatted my netbook, the terminal seems to appear and then close and then no game. Anyone who can help?
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    [xubuntu] Re: Lost Volume Control in XFCE Panel

    Is there any way to bring back the old functionality? :( I like the volume clicker better than the mixer.
  11. [xubuntu] Re: Samsung netbook n150 plus nonexistent touchpad settings

    Thanks, haven't fixed it yet but found out stuff on searching.

    Well, when I did synclient -l, it showed parameter settings so I'm guessing that my Elantech Touchpad drivers are loaded? I just...
  12. [xubuntu] Samsung netbook n150 plus nonexistent touchpad settings

    I need to at least get vertical scrolling and maybe more features for my touchpad. As of posting, it can only be used like a mouse, without scrolling or anything else. I was checking this:
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    [ubuntu] Re: Cheese can't detect webcam

    :( My netbook webcam can't be detected too, also by skype and stuff. I tried some things suggested by a friend. Weirdly, I was able to make it work before.

    Any other ideas?
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    [xubuntu] samsung netbook camera undetected

    I used to be able to access my netbook camera and now, weirdly, when I try to pull up an app that can use it, it says undetected. How do I fix it?
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    [xubuntu] Chrome page end won't show

    I'm just testing xubuntu and I just notice on chrome, the end of the page isn't being displayed. like.. It's beyond the bottom of my screen. I haven't experienced this in Ubuntu, anything I can do?
  16. [ubuntu] Re: 11.10 brightness going crazy on samsung n150 plus

    Sorry, haven't really checked this for a long time.

    The link posted by rossmurray was a fix/work-around for the battery drain thing prevalent on laptop and netbooks. Here's another link for the...
  17. [ubuntu] 11.10 brightness going crazy on samsung n150 plus

    I had the same problem with 11.04 but I fix it with alt-tab and it only happens when I leave my netbook to stand by. After upgrading to 11.10, brightness just goes up and done when its unplugged....
  18. [ubuntu] Re: Websites crashing, sound not working

    I use ubuntu software center. do i just search flash? also, how about the sound thing? :/ it just goes out.
  19. [ubuntu] Websites crashing, sound not working

    I don't remember exactly when this happened but frequently, sites with videos, ebuddy, meebo crash out of the blue. Also, the sound would just stop working. i have narwhal 11.04 on a netbook. i dont'...
  20. [all variants] Re: HOW-TO: Possible fix of battery drain on 11.04

    Wow. Before fix, my netbook batt life runs at 3-4 hours. After, it's up to 5-6 hours. Not only that, the part where I rest my palm while typing, it's usually hot but now it's noticeably cooler....
  21. [SOLVED] Re: Bottom part of the window on a netbook

    Whee! Thank you very much. >.> I got Ubuntu first because Windows 7 Starter seems to suck. I play a mud using mudlet. :) Worked. Keeping it in mind
  22. [SOLVED] Bottom part of the window on a netbook

    Hello. Having problems with some windows that seem to be longer than my display height. I can't pull it up to show the bottom :( Is there anything I can do?

    BTW, I'm running Ubuntu 10.10 netbook...
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