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    [kubuntu] A Challenge for the Kubuntu Users

    Hey guys,

    As I skim through here I see LOADS of great exchanges of information. I also
    see a lot of people spending the time to talk through things. Here is what I
    am kinda looking for. If you...
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    [ubuntu] Re: ATI 3D graphics Card driver

    This worked on an older ATI card that I had. One thing that I found was that ATI and Linux don't like each other very much. Also, trying to get the effects to work on that card required me to setup...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Bottom cube cap pic

    Assuming you already have Compizconfig installed...

    System→Preferences→Advanced Desktop Effects Setting

    Click on the Cube Caps plugin and there is a place for the top and bottom images.
  4. [ubuntu] Re: Evolution stopped receiving emails!! HELP

    Okay. You are connecting and everything on Evolution end is good. Go to your Gmail account and click Settings > Forwarding and POP/IMAP

    Okay once you are there make sure you have it on the right...
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    [SOLVED] Re: sudo view all files

    If you want to view *all* files in a folder to include hidden ones you can use this flag on the ls command.

    ls -a

    For a list of flags that can be added you can type.

    ls --help
  6. [ubuntu] Re: Evolution stopped receiving emails!! HELP

    Take the output from evo.log and put it in and post the link in here.

    Also, when you are forwarding the emails from Gmail are you trying to use settings in Evolution to check...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Grub2 mistake

    DOH! You are right. I missed that one. Thank you for the correction. *notes Grub/Grub2* This is what happens when you post in the middle of the night LOL
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    [ubuntu] Re: run .desktop in terminal

    Either move it the /home/username/ folder or, create a small script to run it in the /home/username/ folder.

    Open a text editor and put the full path to what you are trying to run.

    Save it in...
  9. [ubuntu] Re: Trouble with Preferences -> Display no text or buttons

    I'll keep an eye on here throughout the day. I am sure that we will be able to help you out. :)
  10. [ubuntu] Re: Trouble with Preferences -> Display no text or buttons

    It's okay man. I remember coming from windows and being blown away. But, it's gets better with time.

    In answer to your questions. You have been using windows for a while so you will remember DOS...
  11. [ubuntu] Re: How to successfully copy files greater than 9 gig to external hard drive?

    Okay, I did some digging on this and I cannot find a way to do it in Linux. However. If you have a friend/family member who still uses windows there is a way to do it.

    This site was VERY helpful...
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    [ubuntu] Re: problem in booting

    Another way to do it is to fix your MBR (Main Boot Record) from a live CD and restore GRUB from there.

    Follow this and see if it helps!
  13. [SOLVED] Re: VirtualBox OSE: Freshly created VM refuses to start

    I don't know a lot about VB but, Here is a guide that is very complete. Hope this can help you.
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    [ubuntu] Re: ubuntu live cd question

    Here is a good read if you are worried about virus and virus attacks in Ubuntu.
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    [ubuntu] Re: how to make partitions?

    I think that gparted will be the best for you.

    sudo apt-get install gparted

    Once it is installed open it up and you will see a drop down menu in the upper right. Pick the media you want to...
  16. [ubuntu] Re: Problems creating dual-boot partition with gparted

    Here is another way to restore grub with the LiveCD.

    hope this helps you out.
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    [SOLVED] Re: Grub2 mistake

    Okay open the LiveCD. Once in there mount the main HD and navigate your way in the filesystem of the Local HD to /boot/grub/

    Once there edit the menu.lst file and change the timeout values.
  18. [kubuntu] Re: kpackakekit, konsole, upgrades and installing programs

    Sorry no one has gotten back to you. Okay. Does apt-get work at all? Tell me what is error is (if any) for the following command.

    sudo apt-get update

    It should scroll through a list of...
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    [wubi] Re: Wubi Install Problem

    Okay, You need to fix your MBR and make sure that GRUB is used. The reason for this (I don't know why wubi failed you) is that Windows Bootloader (go figure) doesn't play nice with others.

  20. [other] Re: The best way to get into bug fixing?

    Sweet! Glad to help. Good luck with it all!
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    [SOLVED] Re: Scroll Lock at Boot or Login Screen

    If you wanted to make this work when you stared Xserver then create a bash script with the commands that you wanted in it and add it to the startup scripts.

    That would be the simple way around it....
  22. Thread: Sound

    by Darkwing-Duck

    [ubuntu] Re: Sound

    Make sure that it isn't muted with alsamixer...

    sudo alsamixer

    Let us know what the status of that is.
  23. [other] Re: The best way to get into bug fixing?

    Here is a good starting point for fixing bugs.

    As for the rest. Look into helping contribute. This is a good starting place. Find a place where you feel...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Vistas gone

    Good to hear! NOM NOM Cookies!
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    Re: Grub (Hd0) Madness win xp vannished

    Here you go man. This will not only restore your MBR to reflect all 3 OS' but also allow GRUB to see and load each.

    Hope this can help ya!
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