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  1. [ubuntu] Assistive Technologies conflicts with other programs


    I have been having similar problems as the original poster with Assistive Technologies; for me it's in Mint 9 (see post here) and earlier Mint 7, but I reckon most of this is not...
  2. [ubuntu] Re: Emulate right-mouse-click with hardware button?

    I got a bit further thanks to this thread (theOGRE, have a look at that), but not quite there yet.

    It doesn't look like dumpkeys as suggested by that thread gives me an accurate list of which...
  3. [ubuntu] Re: Emulate right-mouse-click with hardware button?

    Thanks for the replies folks.

    I have a UK keyboard; however the button I'm trying to configure is on the (mobile) computer itself, not on the keyboard.

    Incidentally, what's up with the keycodes...
  4. [ubuntu] Emulate right-mouse-click with hardware button?


    I would like to assign right-mouse-click behaviour to a hardware button. I can associate a keypress, or a combination of keypresses with an "xdotool click 3" command via the Gnome keyboard...
  5. [ubuntu] Re: Custom commands before login time in Lucid?

    Thanks for the input guys! It seems that xinput could indeed not be run because the X server wasn't running yet. Somehow this also prevented the setkeycodes commands from being executed, as they...
  6. [ubuntu] Custom commands before login time in Lucid?


    I would like to run a few custom commands when booting: "xinput" to calibrate the touchscreen and a couple of "setkeycodes" to make special buttons responsive.

    From within a session I...
  7. [SOLVED] Re: eGalax touchscreen setup and calibration in Ubuntu Lucid (with calibration tool)

    For me and my Q1 naugtur's original solution (see first post) worked perfectly :)

    To call xinput every time the system initialises, I added the "xinput ..." line to the graphical Startup Programs...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Samsung Q1 Ultra Installation

    Hello people,

    This thread is of interest to me even if I have a Q1 (non-Ultra) running Mint 9 (based off Lucid) -- I figure a lot of the configuration is similar.

    I was wondering if anyone has...
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    Re: [SOLVED] OnBoard On screen Keyboard

    Having the same issue as the original poster, I just found out that if you install onBoard virtual keyboard, then in the Settings window there is an option "Show onboard when unlocking the screen"....
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