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    Re: High quality text to speech

    Top post, thanks for the information and the effort you put in.
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    [all variants] low resolution with kvm switch

    Hi all,

    I am really frustrated because I have spent three or four hours trying to add higher resolutions to my fresh Lucid install.

    I have noticed that quite a few people have this issue and...
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    [ubuntu] Re: how to batch convert with ffmpeg?

    Hey potman,

    Sorry but I know nothing about programming and would like to know if your script would be suitable to perform batch video conversions also, as I have a lot of HDTV recordings that need...
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    [xubuntu] Re: Problem running FFmpeg on xUbuntu

    Thanks guys,

    I dashed off without reading the rest of the posts and removed a few packages I needed so reinstalled them and ran the second command and have it working now. My fault for rushing...
  5. Re: How to add studio-fonts-meta package to Jaunty

    Decided to put my troubles to one side and the answer was staring me in the face, so for anybody with a similar problem all I did was add a duplicate line in the sources.list file and change the...
  6. Re: How to add studio-fonts-meta package to Jaunty

    Serious apologies as I have not been back to this for a couple of weeks, my daughter has been bullied at school and tried some self harm and other stuff so I have been pretty tied up with helping...
  7. How to add studio-fonts-meta package to Jaunty

    I generally use my desktop machine for art as it has plenty of grunt, but also own an MSI Wind which I sometimes have to use for design work and picture editing and it performs adequately after...
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    [ubuntu] Re: MSI Wind lost USB after Karmic Update

    Hi folks,
    Sorry I have not replied before this, I am on holiday with my kids and not checking in too often.

    I came away without my Karmic disc but bought a mag with a Jaunty remix on it with KDE...
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    [ubuntu] Re: MSI Wind lost USB after Karmic Update

    Thank you, I will sit on my hands until a solution comes out, just frustrating because of the situation I am in as I have a website to maintain and have all the data on the netbook.

    Going to go...
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    [ubuntu] MSI Wind lost USB after Karmic Update

    I Bought a U100 a while ago and put Ubuntu on it and have been very happy with it until a few days ago when I did some updates to Karmic and lost all my USB devices, including the integrated web cam...
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    [ubuntu] Re: how do I install .jar package

    Hi, as an expatriate sandgroper I may be able to put this in a more sandgroper-understandable language. This is how I set up JBidwatcher, perhaps it is not quite correct protocol but it works fine....
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    [ubuntu] Re: No sound after installing 9.1

    What happened to me was that during the upgrade I was presented with several Grub options and I chose to keep the original menu.lst which meant that I was booting into the old kernel. Please remember...
  13. [xubuntu] Re: Things which stopped working when I upgraded to 9.04

    Well I lost USB pendrives,USB headset, NVidia graphics driver, lots of hair, time and patience. But I still like it. I ditched Ubuntu a while ago because of these problems with upgrading and decided...
  14. [ubuntu] Re: External USB drive not recognized after boot Jaunty

    Maybe we should delay the release occasionally to address some of these bugs as I am not happy that I upgraded and wish I had stayed with 8.10, some users delight in sorting out issues and others...
  15. [ubuntu] Re: 9.04 with nvidia drivers autodetect wrong resolution, please help!


    I had the same problem and found the issue was with the menu.lst file not updating to reflect the upgrade. The easiest way I found was to edit the file manually.

    I have placed the relevant...
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    [kubuntu] Re: Screen randomly turns pink

    Thanks I have moved it to a different cable on the KVM and waiting to see if it will go ok.
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    [kubuntu] Screen randomly turns pink

    Hi there,

    Before I start complaining I want to congratulate everybody involved in Ubuntu for providing an excellent product with a great philosophy. Also it is fantastic to see so many younger...
  18. Re: HOWTO: Install the ATI driver on ANY stable version of Ubuntu


    Just wanted to say that as a newcomer to this operating system I had been struggling with ATI driver installation and found the link to Envy on this post. The instructions were great and the...
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