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    [xubuntu] Re: conky / IP / VPN

    Please note I'm no expert, you should wait for answers from the actual experts.

    A VPN is a sort of tunnel between you and the VPN provider, typically encrypted. So, your ISP probably won't be able...
  2. Re: Can't Open Gnome Tweaks tool in Lubuntu

    What's the point of this exercise? Did you even read the previous post?
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    [xubuntu] Re: conky / IP / VPN

    That is because your external IP didn't change. What changes with a VPN is the IP seen by the sites you're visiting.
  4. Re: Can't Open Gnome Tweaks tool in Lubuntu


    The current Lubuntu runs LXQt, previous versions LXDE.
    Gnome Tweaks is exclusively for the Gnome desktop environment.

    My suggestion is for you to open a new thread asking how to do...
  5. Re: How to set a particular web address as homepage for all network clients

    Perhaps if you tell what is the server's role one can suggest something.
  6. [SOLVED] Re: Software and Updates stuck on refreshing cache

    Repositories aren't packages ;)

    In "Software and Updates" users manage repositories. In then first tab - Ubuntu Software - you can enable all but source. In the second tab you can enable the...
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    [ubuntu] Re: 18.0.4 black screen booting issue


    Please elaborate. Please post the complete error messages. Maybe we can find the problem there. In any case, not GRUB, leave it alone.
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    [ubuntu] Re: 18.0.4 black screen booting issue

    The problem is not Grub if its menu shows up.

    The problem is likely graphics drivers that are installed automatically in 20.04 but NOT in 18.04. That said, a proper use of ' nomodeset' should give...
  9. [SOLVED] Re: GRUB dual boot no more access to Ubuntu

    Yes, actually it must be.
  10. [SOLVED] Re: GRUB dual boot no more access to Ubuntu

    The error message indicates the system partition is corrupt and needs file system error correction.
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    [other] Re: How to use "Deja-Dup"?

    What are you having trouble with exactly?

    All it takes is defining the destination folder or network share and setup the schedule and eventually some exclusions. Everything else is done...
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    Re: Running newer version of VirtualBox

    The default Software app can install .deb files. No need to install additional software, Gdebi or other, just double-click the file.
  13. Re: Have any distro that is more windows to configure system ?

    Linux is not Windows, never was, never will be and we like it that way.

    If you want something that works like Windows, use Windows.
  14. Re: Need to enable in software sources proprietary drivers to install nvidia driver ?

    The same driver version for Windows is 561.45MB:
  15. Re: External monitor working with nvidia card but not with intel

    If you're asking about DisplayLink based adapters they're independent from the other connections.
  16. [ubuntu] Re: All videos are crashing across ubuntu partitions

    Please post the hardware specifications, namely the graphics.
  17. [ubuntu] Re: Need help with setting up an DVD/CD RW drive (DA-8A6SH) with Ubuntu 20.04


    Drivers for all optical drives are already included. No user action needed.
    You need to get out of the Windows mentality and understand that different OSes work differently.
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    Re: Ubuntu trial

    Yes! I suggest using the open formats for files intended to be used by you or anyone else with LO or other software supporting it but keep the Microsoft proprietary formats for those who don't....
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    [ubuntu_mobile] Re: WSL Ubuntu for Windows 10 Error

    The usage of youtube-dl is against Youtube's ToS therefore discussions about it are against this forum's rules and quite frowned upon by the staff.

    The error message suggests the URL is wrong.
  20. Re: Need to enable in software sources proprietary drivers to install nvidia driver ?

    Please bring the system online. Again, what it needs to download is negligible even in a metered connection.
    It's absurd and very likely above your current knowledge to do it entirely offline. I...
  21. Re: LUBUNTU How to disable nouveau kernel driver to install proprietary drivers ?

    No, I believe you have been told the exact opposite already.
    Just install properly the Nvidia driver and that will be used instead of nouveau, no blacklisting required.

    Please use Additional...
  22. Re: LUBUNTU Disabled nvidia nouveau driver now the system not startup

    Indeed. And I never had to blacklist nouveau as this is typically done by the installation of the proprietary Nvidia drivers. I really don't know why some people complicate things so much.
  23. Re: How send and receive SMS using MODEM 3G Huawei E173 ?

    The "Modem Manager GUI" seems to be the standard app now for the job. Gammu seems to still be available at least partially.
  24. Re: Stuck on Shutdown and reboot[UPDATE]


    When asking this kind of questions please always post your hardware specifications.
  25. Re: Is possible create an partition for HOME being default for installation ?

    The installer defaults now to a single partition (root or "/") where /home is just a folder inside the root partition and swap no longer needs a separated partition because now Ubuntu uses a swapfile...
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