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  1. Re: I forgot to check the block to install 3rd party software

    Remember to mark as solved if the issue is sorted
  2. [ubuntu] Re: linux is running but can't be rebooted

    I suggest you create a new server using 20.04 and restore your user data to that. You could even update to 18.04 from your 16.04 installation but you will need to check for any gotchas this may...
  3. Re: Restricting a GUI user to perform only predefined actions on Ubuntu

    Are you making a faux Citrix server? If not and you want users want to manage files, they can do this over the network using the local file manager rather that accessing a full desktop session on the...
  4. Re: I forgot to check the block to install 3rd party software

    That website shows the sources of all packages in the official repositories. As Deadflower states, it is in the multiverse repo which...
  5. [ubuntu] Re: My computer freezes when I use a USB drive boot and I can't reinstall Ubuntu

    Are you connecting the drive to a USB hub? If so then try connecting directly to the system's USB ports. Is it the same? Is it the same in USB 2 and USB 3 ports?
  6. Re: Working terminal line into upper tray. Is it possible?

    Please mark as solved if you have reached a solution
  7. [ubuntu] Re: Show Applications no longer in the absolute bottom left

    You can press Windows Key + A to show the applications window. Much faster than swinging a mouse down to the bottom of the screen
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    [lubuntu] Re: Lubuntu is acting up

    What is the output of

    sudo lshw -C display

  9. Re: I want to upgrade from 18.04 to get to 21.04...what hurdles will confront me?

    As with any large system change (Even going from 18.04 to 20.04) backup your data before starting then confirm you can restore the data on another system.
  10. Re: I want to upgrade from 18.04 to get to 21.04...what hurdles will confront me?

    I'd just upgrade to 20.04 then wait. 22.04 will be out in April next year (Codenamed "Jammy") and you can then upgrade direct from 20.04 to 22.04 as they Jammy is the next LTS from Focal (Ubuntu...
  11. [ubuntu] Re: [20.4.2] My system freezes more and more often for no reason

    If you disconnect your Brother device, does it run as normal? No lockups?
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    [lubuntu] Re: Need help to install Java 16/17

    Which Java do you want? Oracle Java? OpenJRE?
  13. Re: 1024x768 Resolution on live media but only 640x480 option after install

    Linux Mint isn't Lubuntu
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    Re: Permissions for boot.log denied

    May help. Personally I'd say just use the OS which I'm guessing is how you learned Windows
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    Re: mass downloading files with wget

    Somebody didn't read the man pages but this gives an example
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    [ubuntu] Re: New rasperry pi user

    You can use nginx or apache for the Web server. If you have SSH access then you can connect your users to the SFTP service that you get by default. Use your Ubuntu credentials as you expect. The...
  17. [ubuntu] Re: How large a /boot recommended for 21.10?

    What is the output of:

    uname -a
    dpkg -l | grep linux-image

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    [SOLVED] Re: getting vnc to start at boot up

    What are you doing on the remote system? There may be a sleeker solution to do what you require.....
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    [lubuntu] Re: Computer won't shutdown

    If you run:

    sudo shutdown -h now

    Does the system power off OK or do you see the same output?
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    Re: Openbox Ubuntu 12 hour time

    The terminal is not affected by the WM/DE you use. It's the terminal. Which terminal application are you using and which shell please? (If you are unsure of the shell it's probably BASH).
  21. [SOLVED] Re: Permissions for Jellyfin Service account in Ubuntu

    If you want to give this access to the folders in your user's home folder then I suggest you make a new group with your user and jellyfin in it then apply this group to the folders in your home...
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    [SOLVED] Re: i3 no windows, no menu

    Pressing CTRL + ALT + T will launch a terminal
  23. Re: Touchpad configuration/ acceleration


    sudo lshw

    in both OSes and note the differences for the touchpad device...
  24. Re: Stuck in Busybox because sda6 can't mount

    Boot to live USB / CD desktop then run an fsck on all internal partitions to check that they are consistent
  25. [ubuntu] Re: Unable to install Google Chrome on Ubuntu 20

    I suggest you use the

    dpkg -i /path/to/filename.deb

    command in a terminal to install Chrome. Obviously point to the actual deb file in your filesystem. The command above as-is will not work
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