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    [lubuntu] Re: Time and Date Settings Broken in 12.04

    Thanks for your post but the issue was an update bug that they fixed over several updates after I first posted about it in July.

    In case you were intersested yest the sudo date worked, as long as...
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    [lubuntu] Time and Date Settings Broken in 12.04

    OK, about a week or so ago I noticed that the time on my Ubuntu box was well off the mark but the date was still right.

    Being a fairly old machine and since I use a Smoothwall Firewall that I just...
  3. [ubuntu] My 12.04 File Server keeps creating new network shares because its dismounting drives

    first of all sorry for the loooong post. Its complicated.

    I am a very experienced windows user and a relative novice and tinkerer with Linux. I have been using it for a few years though and now...
  4. [ubuntu] Re: [Ubuntu 10.10/Unity 2D] Security Updates not installing

    Tarnation... I hoped it was a known issue....

    Luckily the source that couldn't be copied could be cut then pasted into the text editor (Yay for kludge work arounds!:P) and this time it was...
  5. [ubuntu] [Ubuntu 10.10/Unity 2D] Security Updates not installing

    I am a casual user and I have a dual boot 10.04/10.10 machine and I have installed Unity 2D on the 10.10 install. I have been using 10.04 as my main so it has been a fair while since I logged into my...
  6. [kubuntu] Re: Sources.list/Adept installer problem

    kdesudo kate /etc/apt/sources.list
    That did the trick... and if I hadn't had three crisis going on at once I should have thought to try that.

  7. [kubuntu] Re: Sources.list/Adept installer problem

    Didn't work in or out of kate. maybe because its Intrepid.

    The error I get is:

    bash: kdesu: command not found
  8. [kubuntu] [SOLVED] Sources.list/Adept installer problem

    While I am not an absolutely new user, I have only puttered around in the Ubuntu pool, where others I have turned on to it are actually much further ahead than I because I have not had the time to do...
  9. [ubuntu] ATA/IDE Drives on my PC are being misidentified as SCSI

    I have an older secondary PC which has 2 Western Digital IDE/ATA drives. Upon a first install of 8.04, and every install ever since, Ubuntu keeps saying that my 40 GB Master and 30 GB Slave are...
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