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    Poll: [ubuntu] Re: Server 10.04: How to Eradicate the MOTD System?

    For those who are still looking how to get rid of login delay (caused by motd update). Server 10.04

    1. aptitude remove landscape-client landscape-common
    2. comment line
    session optional ...
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    [ubuntu] tsclient no slash

    Hello all! For 2 years I suffer from weird problem. When I connect to windows server (tsclient) I can't type slash (/). I can't type http:// or comment some C++ line.

    This was in Hardy, Interpid...
  3. [ubuntu] Re: Dovecot : 1.1.11 vs. 1.2.x branch - newer versions not available

    Debian lenny has dovecot in backports repository. Possible solution is to install lenny as OpenVZ container inside Ubuntu 8.04 LTS.
  4. [ubuntu] Re: dovecot hardy fts squat plugin unavailable - install from interpid?

    So I am answering my question and post new one. I am stupid - has pre-created template for Interpid. It is possible to have 8.10 container inside 8.04 host.

    Is it possible to...
  5. [ubuntu] dovecot hardy fts squat plugin unavailable - install from interpid?

    Hello all,

    I am still using hardy - I need OpenVZ. I have VE container with mail server inside. Dovecot 1.1 offers great fts and fts_squat, but they are not available in hardy.

    Is it...
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    [other] Re: Only 8bit color hwinfo --framebuffer

    Thank you for the most stupid answer I ever get. Did I ask what _you_ use? Is installation of X11 is prohibited on server or what?

    Nevertheless, I also don't use GUI in server. I need BIG CONSOLE,...
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    [other] Only 8bit color hwinfo --framebuffer

    Hello all,

    I read ALL documentation and posts about enabling vesafb and using vga=... option. None helped. I run 8.04 in VMWare.

    Last mouth I suddenly configured 8.04 server-virtual so that it...
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