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  1. [ubuntu] Where are stored the deb files (for copy them to other PC)

    Hi there, Im gona install some ubuntu PCs, but the question is for dont update the N computers via web, what I need to copy from the first PC to the others for launch a program in the other N-1 PCs...
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    Re: Bad news. id software really is abandoning Linux.

    I just discovered quakelive in an event here called "aldea digital"...

    And just found this post.

    I will like to know how many of you actually play, and if this site as influenced already their...
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    Re: Isolating a python environment

    That is what I thinked, thought what make me "doubt" is the line that he write "And obviously your try to 'call python2.5' doesn't work as intended." I dont see how that statment can sustain itself. ...
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    Isolating a python environment

    Hi there, like you know ubuntu 9.04 come with python2.6 by default, I want to develop a gae app but I think they use python2.5 because running under 2.6 show that they use some deprecated things...
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    Re: How many is the marketshare for Linux?

    Is there a source that we can trust?
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    How many is the marketshare for Linux?

    Hi there, I was reading somewhere that about july of this year was the first time that passes 1% and that let me thinking... if this is "reallity"...

    I have always thinked that the marked share...
  7. [ubuntu] What tablets do you recommend for 0 problems in linux

    I mean, the more easy to setup, amigable or friendly, the more 0 config (just plug it and use it).

    Because I want to buy one, but I dont know if I will have trouble, so what are your personal...
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    what podcast do you listen?

    Do you listen to them? which ones? podcast, vidcast other?

    Sure about programming... and perhaps about other things.
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    what can I use for do sound in python?

    That is the question?

    1) for dont block (allow other programs to do sound)
    2) the used way

    Because I see some programs block others, for example if I have open rhytombox and try other program,...
  10. [ubuntu] after install flash from apps->add/remove it wont work in opera

    Hi there people. So this is as follows

    I have installed flash player from adobe via a page I visited in firefox. I installed opera browser, and it take the flash videos OK. After that, I see in...
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    [ubuntu] Get more or different resolutions

    Hi there I have a laptop, but the only resolution that is accepted is 1280x1024... so if I plug in a projector, then the used resolution should be 800x600, but I cant configure the screen like...
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    Re: How to add alternatives to gcc?

    I found this info on the general questions forum, here
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    [SOLVED] How to add alternatives to gcc?

    Hi there, ubuntu 8.10 come with gcc-4.3 but for a project I need gcc-4.2, so I installed it, the solution I found is

    After installation:
    sudo rm -d /usr/bin/gcc
    sudo ln -s /usr/bin/gcc-4.1...
  14. [ubuntu] Re: how to add a new resolution to system->preferences->resolution ?

    Hi there theproblem stand and still, I need help beucase I do my presentation in about 4 hours!, so plz help.

    I have added the modes to the screen, however, ehre is a part of the Xorg log

  15. [ubuntu] how to add a new resolution to system->preferences->resolution ?

    Hello there, my graphic card is nvidia

    so xrandr output:

    Screen 0: minimum 1280 x 800, current 1280 x 800, maximum 1280 x 800

    So that is, I need add 800x600 because I need to put a...
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    what a11i software for GUI out there?

    Hi there people. Im doing a little search for a project that I have on my hands, so after seeing my possibilities I have been atracted to the actual accessibility technologies (some like state of the...
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    [ubuntu] Re: rythmbox and tuxguitar at the same time

    Is there a command that I can use from cmd line for see which one Im using?

    (I think I have almost all packages listed there, thought I will see).


    By the way, the error I...
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    [ubuntu] rythmbox and tuxguitar at the same time

    So I now can listen to flash inside firefox and dont need to close rythmbox before do it.

    But now, Im also using tuxguitar, and it seem that they exclude each other (ryhtmbox and tusguitar), I...
  19. [ubuntu] My external HD usb sometimes disconnect and dont get detected again

    Hi there, I ahve an external HD that I connect via USB.

    The connector have a little problem, is a false contact, which affects that sometimes when I move the HD it gets disconnected and then...
  20. [ubuntu] Re: synaptic stop updating after install uninstall anonproxy

    Turning out that I also need to uninstall tor package apart from anonproxy.
  21. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] synaptic stop updating after install uninstall anonproxy

    HI there, at my school tehre is a proxy that dont let me use IRC, so I searched in synaptic for a proxy and I found anonproxy, I installed it via synaptic configured proxy of FF to point to...
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    Possible change of login thus nick?

    I will like to know if is possible, or I need to register another account.

    The only problem that I see with creating 1 from scratch are to link myself with my post and some threads that Im...
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    Re: Forum regulars: discussion

    I think it is more good those names....or "show off".

    Like I said, I like the idea of know more about the people (though it will be a brief look).

    But I will like also to have things specific...
  24. Re: My (homemade) Java server connects...sometimes

    Thought I havent used java from some time, and cat see really the code, I will suguest a sniffer (wireshark for example, but I have installed it, and apparently doesn't work with wlan0, have pass...
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    Re: Glut.h in Netbeans

    OK, you need to go where you have put the paths for search for include files those are the compiler options. Then you should locate the linker options, there you can add the libraries, the ones that...
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