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    [ubuntu] Re: Typing long hyphens


    I'm after something like on the Mac though where I can use these characters across the entire operating system. Strangely, “speech” marks work fine…
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    [ubuntu] Typing long hyphens

    On my Mac I can type hyphens with the minus key.

    – [Alt + -]
    — [Shift + Alt + -]

    I can't find these on Ubuntu. Any ideas?
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    [ubuntu] Arial renders too small in Firefox

    On Firefox 2 on Ubuntu have you noticed Arial renders smaller than other browsers and other versions of Firefox on different platforms? It always seems to be 1px too small. Can it be fixed?

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    [ubuntu] Slight problems mounting hfs+ drive

    Bear with me here as I'm not very experienced in mounting drives . . .

    I got an external drive (USB) for my Mac and formatted it as HFS+ with no journaling. I wanted to read/write with my Ubuntu...
  5. [ubuntu] Re: Filesystem for external drive for Ubuntu and OS X

    Thanks you found the same two I did. I'll try it when I get home tonight and will post the result.

    I've read you have to disable journaling but that's fine.
  6. [ubuntu] Re: Filesystem for external drive for Ubuntu and OS X

    Hi, thanks for that.

    Hell will freeze over before I use fat32. :)

    I favour hfs+,

    In the meantime . . . I couldn't find anything online but if you put hfs+ into Synaptic there is a package...
  7. [ubuntu] Filesystem for external drive for Ubuntu and OS X

    I've just bought a new external drive and I want to be able to plug it into either my Ubuntu box or my Macbook Pro and read and write to it.

    Which would be best to use? I'm not sure Linux has hfs+...
  8. [ubuntu] Let Ubuntu read and write to Mac external drive

    I have a firewire 800 external drive plugged into my Mac. I have a Ubuntu machine on the same network. How can I make it so that Ubutnu can see the drive and can read and write to it? I suppose it's...
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    [ubuntu] Anything like OS X xPad for Linux?

    I have xPad for Mac and it's great the way you can do word processing but all your documents are loaded into a side bar. It saves automatically too. Is there anything like this for Ubuntu?

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    [ubuntu] To-do list program

    I'm currently using gToDo for my to-do lists. It's great but one thing I find lacking is that you can't order items by summary name. Other than qToDo and Calcurse are there any others? Something like...
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    [ubuntu] 7.10 Software update: now boots to black

    I just did a software update in gutsy and it said it needed a restart so I did. It boots to the loading bar then just goes black. If I go to Grub I see that a copy of the kernel has been added. It I...
  12. [ubuntu] Thunderbird: put POP3 mail back on server

    I'm sure the answer to this is no but I'll ask just in case.

    Thunderbird deleted all the mail from my POP3 accounts after it downloaded them. I forgot it does this by default. Is there any way to...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Decrease letter spacing

    Fixed it, it was down to the smoothing :S Not sure why that makes such a difference but hey ho . . .
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    [ubuntu] Decrease letter spacing

    Reinstalled Ubuntu 7.10 last night and for some reason there is too much letter spacing on the font. It's not the font I'm using, I have the exact same setup from the same install disk at work and...
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    [ubuntu] Commercial DVDs stopped working

    I've been watching commercial DVDs on this machine for a year or so, no probs. Now commercial DVDs won't play. The drive is fine as non-encrypted DVDs, i.e. data DVDs are okay. A commercial DVD just...
  16. [other] Re: Should Ubuntu show when I boot to XP disks?

    Thanks, will do. TBH honest I think something has gone seriously wrong without. LEet's hope deleting it and starting over solves it.

    Thanks everyone.
  17. [other] Re: Should Ubuntu show when I boot to XP disks?

    NTFS is greyed out. :( It will let me do ext 2/3 and fat16 or 32. What will happen if I delete it?
  18. [other] Re: Should Ubuntu show when I boot to XP disks?

    thanks so far for the great advice.

    Looking at gParted the NTFS partition is indeed ~130 gig. It has an alert sign against it saying it is unreadable; this must be to do with the problem Windows...
  19. [other] Re: Should Ubuntu show when I boot to XP disks?

    That's what I thought. Something has seriously gone wrong with my XP partition. It won't boot (just gets to the loading bar) even in Safe Mode and Command Line. I have tried the diagnostics like...
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    [ubuntu] Wipe entire drive with 7.10 live CD

    Can I totally wipe a hard drive from a Ubuntu 7.10 Live CD? If so, how? I want to remove EVERYTHING inclusing GRUb and start afresh.

    Any ideas?
  21. [other] Should Ubuntu show when I boot to XP disks?


    I installed Ubuntu and then XP on this machine. Ubuntu works fine but XP is totally trashed and I need to reinstall it. I have no idea how this works but when I boot to the XP disk it gives me...
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    [other] Re: Can you use Crystal icons on your site?

    By the way, sorry for being off-topic but didn't know where to post this.

    Thanks for your replies. Does LGPL mean I can modify them too? I read the license but I'm afraid it didn't mean a great...
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    [other] Can you use Crystal icons on your site?

    Is it legal for me to use/modify these icons on a commercial website?
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    Where to start with C/C++

    I've decided I need to start branching out with my programming; after doing PHP for five years it gets a bit boring. I'd like to do some desktop programming as a hobby and do something more advanced....
  25. Re: ATI 8.41 to be released later today hopefully! :)

    I tried enabling the ATI driver from the RDM today (just using Gutsy Tribe 5 live VD) and it can't contact the IP where the ATI package is held. Is this because there is an update in progress?
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