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  1. [ubuntu] Re: Think I found a bug in latest sudo release - how do I report?

  2. [ubuntu] Re: SSH connection immediately dropped on 'sudo su'



    I was able to correct this on "mail3" by downloading and installing sudo_1.8.6-8_amd64.deb from It looks like the current package being released may...
  3. [ubuntu] Re: SSH connection immediately dropped on 'sudo su'

    So, I noticed on "mail3" that there were 11 pending updates, and I did an update of the template and "mail2" earlier in the week. After I ran the system updates on "mail3", the same error happened...
  4. [ubuntu] Think I found a bug in latest sudo release - how do I report?

    I'm not sure where to post this so looking for guidance on where to report this.

    Last week I built a 12.10 server template and created two clones "mail2" and "mail3". They are all running on...
  5. [ubuntu] SSH connection immediately dropped on 'sudo su'

    I cloned two machines from a base template I created of 12.10 Server. The template had nothing installed except openssh. Because I am running this on a 2008 Hyper-V box, I added hv_vmbus,...
  6. [ubuntu] ls with a wildcard but without directory recursion

    If I do "ls -alh" it returns the current directory. If I do "ls -alh f*" it does a wild card search, but searches the current directory recursively.

    Am I able to prevent the recursive search? I...
  7. [mythbuntu] Stop the front end from automatically starting

    I just install mythbuntu and I'm working out some (many) kinks. When I restart X windows, I do not want it to automatically start the front end. How can I disable this?
  8. Thread: Exit gksu?

    by Contrarian

    [mythbuntu] Exit gksu?

    I created a launcher on my desktop "gksu nautilus" so I can bring up nautilus with SU rights.

    First, how can I set the default password so I don't get prompted? F security, if somebody accesses...
  9. [all variants] X Windows doesn't output to DVI on Radeon 9600 (or not an output my TV accepts)

    I just installed MythBuntu. I have a Radeon 9600 and using the open source drivers for it. It's connected to a pretty generic Dell monitor on the VGA port, and to the back of my HD TV via the DVI...
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    [mythbuntu] Xen & MythTV

    I instaled MythBuntu on an AMD 1700 chip and all seems to be working fine. I then installed the xen server and now the video is horrific. While the audio is still real time, i've gone from 30fps to...
  11. [mythbuntu] How to automate file syncing w/ Windows

    I got MythBuntu installed on a new PC. I'd like to set up an automated process to copy the audio directory on one of my windows machines to the /var/lib/mythtv/music dir on this MythBuntu system. ...
  12. Re: Installing from source, ambiguous error..

    You are a sain...nay... you are a god. Whatever they are paying you at whatever you do wherever you are by whomever employs you is not nearly enough.
  13. [SOLVED] Installing from source, ambiguous error..

    I've compiled this program from source (kismet) just fine on another instance of Ubuntu. On this instance I first installed it using synaptic package manager, but wanted to get the most recent...
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