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  1. [UbuntuGnome] Re: 14.04 is the worst upgrade and live install I have found in Years

    I didn't have any issues upgrading from 12.04. What are you upgrading from?
  2. Thread: music

    by Dane_Jorgensen

    Re: music

    Spotify is great when you know the songs you want to listen to. I haven't found it useful for discovering new music. I usually use Pandora to find new stuff.
  3. [ubuntu] Re: 14.04 - digital camera not mounting since updates

    maybe try reverting the updates and see what broke it? Was it something that you updated on purpose?
  4. [SOLVED] Re: Are Virtualbox default settings safe ?

    Snapshots are a great option if you ever need to revert back. Don't get too crazy with them as each one will take up drive space.
  5. Re: how to remove ubuntu from hard drive

    Probably, the easiest way for you is to just install a different OS. When it asks you to format the hard drive, say yes. This will get rid of everything on the disk and do a clean install.
  6. [all variants] Re: Linkbucks and ultrafiles malware hits ubuntu??

    It doesn't sound like a virus. It is probably an extension you have, or it has to do with one or more of the sites you are trying to visit. And ad-blocker should help.
  7. Re: Sync music between Windows Phone 8 and Ubuntu 14.04

    Did you ever find a solution for this? I ended up just doing it through a VM, but would like to do it directly.
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    Re: Mathematics Art With Equation

    Great concept. There are probably some pretty cool page backgrounds you could do using JS.
  9. Re: HOWTO: Install Xubuntu on HP Chromebook 14

    Thank you! I've been stuck trying to get this to work.
  10. Re: Will 14.04 become the 'MSVista' of Ubuntu?

    Low blow, man. I thoroughly enjoyed Vista. ;)
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    Re: Game recommendations

    You'll have to be more specific than "3d." Definitely check out Steam.

    Marathon! I haven't played that in years! Good call.
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    Re: trying to play runescape

    What error(s) are you getting? How are you trying to run it?
  13. Re: Unable to connect via Samba on Win 7 - The network path was not found

    When I ran into this, I added the user to smbpasswd, but didn't restart the service. Restarting the service fixed it for me.
  14. Re: Windos 7 VirtualBox Blue Screens after 14.04 Upgrade

    Any luck on this? I've had the same problem with Trusty
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    Re: html5 - spoiler

    You can easily do that with javascript. With jQuery, you can create a click handler

    $("#your_link").click( ... do stuff ... );

    and then you could use "toggle" which toggles between the...
  16. Poll: Re: What kind of computer do you use?- Super Thread

    What does it cost to build a machine like that, jon43?
  17. Re: Troubles With Low Quality VPS...Any Suggestions?

    I've liked Amazon EC2. I also had good experiences with Rackspace.
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    Re: Good Game Creator?

    I'd like to see Unity as well, but doubt it's anytime soon. UE4 does look pretty cool, but it didn't look free.
  19. [SOLVED] Re: the new firefox down loaded but did not install (2014)

    The absolute beginners section :)
  20. Re: What happened to the middle button paste in 14.04?

    Mine works fine on 14.04 as well. Maybe xmodmap?
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    [SOLVED] Re: swap in Ubuntu 14.04

    Do these numbers apply with virtual machines? I have a virtual machine with 8GB, and I've never run into a problem with only 512MB swap.
  22. [SOLVED] Re: sudo commands don't work in Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

    Had this same issue and it was from a typo in sudo.conf
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