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  1. Browser with support for per-site (feature) preferences?

    Up to Opera 12, it was possible to set preferences for each site, for example.
    For forums I disabled flash and javascript.
    For some sites I disabled all images whatsoever.
    For others I just...
  2. Simplest way to connect to MySQL from Android?

    If possible I'd like to connect directly to the MySQL database from an android app through a TCP socket...
    but my research so far yielded that there is NO "connector" working for android.

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    [all variants] Re: Does my disk have badblocks(8) or not?

    Thanks, that's what I was fearing... my disk fell from 2m high, I'll be surprised if it's not mostly useless after that :(
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    [all variants] Does my disk have badblocks(8) or not?

    The authors of the badblocks(8) tool forgot to mention in the man page what their output means

    LANG=c sudo fsck.ext4 /dev/sdc1 -c
    e2fsck 1.42.12 (29-Aug-2014)
    Checking for bad blocks...
  5. Re: [android] iptables, what's with the thing?

    Thanks, with the reverse lookup (and reading a little about iptables) I discovered the problem:

    - iptables lookups the IP when the host is provided
    - I had in...
  6. [android] iptables, what's with the thing?

    I've been trying to add com custom lines to the firewall of my phone

    iptables -A OUTPUT -o droidwall -d -j droidwall-reject
    iptables -A OUTPUT -o eth0 -d...
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    Good e-reader for tech books?

    Hello guys

    I got some tech books (Device Driver Development and the like) and I'd like
    to get a good e-reader for them.

    I've heard that the Kindle doesn't let you skip pages very fast (much...
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    Re: OpenCL vs. OpenMP

    You can't really compare them, they're both for different scenarios.

    OpenCL allows you to parallelize in any kind of device: CPU, GPU, FPGA, etc. that's what it was made for,
    is a little harder...
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    [SOLVED] Re: !#bin/bash and !#/usr/bin/env bash


    Is env always located in /usr/bin/env for all distros?

    Does it exists in older *nixes? (Solaris, Freebsd, etc)
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    Kernel fflush? (+printk)

    Hello guys

    I have a lot of statements of this king in a module I'm debugging:

    printk("%s:%s\n", __funct__, __line__);
    bogus_pointer->may_crash = 0xf00;

    If that pointer crashes the machine,...
  11. Re: Why vim uses h, j, k and l to move the cursor?

    Interesting, thanks everyone!
  12. Why vim uses h, j, k and l to move the cursor?

    Anyone knows the mnemonics to remember where each key moves the cursor to?

    I can't find the documentation telling why those keys were chosen, I remember it
    was something like:

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    Re: How to keep data each 1 minute?(looping)

    Not sure I understood, but I you could try moving the sleep(1); outside the if
    so that both paths will introduce a delay.
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    Triggering actions from dialog(1)?

    Hello guys

    Is it possible to trigger actions while making choices in dialog(1)?

    For example, given a list, show a textbox when an item is chosen:

    [ ] I had a drink
    [ ] I ate international...
  15. Re: Any blogs talking bad things about the "Google Settings" app?

    tgalati4, I'm sure the app is useful and there's a reason why it exists, so the concern isn't about the 8Mb of
    disk space the app uses or whether it's malicious or redundant or how useful it is for...
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    Re: wicd or wicked?

    Wrong forum, but anyway.

    You need to disable network-manager for wicd to work.
  17. Any blogs talking bad things about the "Google Settings" app?

    I have found *only* 1 blog of someone that is concerned about the fact that Google will
    push an (useless) app into your device silently overnight, and another one that remotely
    sounds like...
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    [ubuntu] Re: ftp file size change

    How about using rsync instead of ftp?

    Here are some interesting options:

    -c, --checksum skip based on checksum, not mod-time & size
    -b, --backup make backups (see...
  19. [other] Re: Getting MY private key for an HTTPS session?

    That will make things harder :(

    Thanks for the link, it's very interesting.
  20. [other] Getting MY private key for an HTTPS session?

    Hello there

    I wish to get the private key used by my browsed (Opera or FireFox) during an HTTPS communication.

    I know I cannot get the server's private key, but I wish to get at least my own...
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    Re: MPI_Allreduce thread safe?

    Seems like we're expected to have a private communicator for each group of threads.

    This should work for now.
  22. Re: using wait to remove zombie process from ps

    int main(){
    return 1; //this is the exit status

    You don't pass the status, you RETRIEVE the exit status

    int status;
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    MPI_Allreduce thread safe?

    Hello there

    Here it says that this operation is thread safe, however I'm not quite sure about how to interpret that.

    Since this particular call doesn't accept a "tag" parameter, I think it is...
  24. Re: Book about the boot and shutdown process of the OS

    @Bachstelze and @IWantFroyo

    I'm looking for something like this IBM article but the size of a book if possible.

    For instance one thing that is not mentioned in that article if the fact that...
  25. Book about the boot and shutdown process of the OS

    Hello there

    Anyone knows a good book reference that describes the boot and shutdown processes of the OS?

    For example, the loader loads an image that initializes some devices and then pass the...
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