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  1. [SOLVED] HowTO repair MythBuntu 9.04 program guide

    HowTO repair MythBuntu 9.04 program guide

    Problem program guide not filling after running $mythfilldatabase command
    Solution myth converge data base corrupt (a Mysql...
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    [SOLVED] Devede -- locales problem - SOLVED

    I could not start Devede after I upgraded PClinuxOS 2010 to 2010.12.
    The error -- Error: unsupported locale setting.
    I tried -- "locale-gen en_US en_US.UTF-8 hu_HU hu_HU.UTF-8" -- at command line...
  3. HowTO-run mythfilldatabase remotely

    HowTO-run mythfilldatabase remotely

    Problem-program guide may not automatically update in mythbuntu.

    Solution – remote control – NXserver and Nxclient. Free from
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    Re: Newby installation problem

    Dear Newby,
    I have installed Mythbuntu 8.04 several times, but am no expert. The database you note is used to obtain channel info and create a data base (TV Guide) of what is on each TV channel for...
  5. USB Wireless - Hawking mini wireless G HWU54G

    The Hawking mini wireless G HWU54G USB device "works out of the box" with my Mythbuntu-7.10 It requires no setup as my wireless network is open by default. I have had similar good fortune with this...
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