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  1. [ubuntu] Re: gnome-screenshot will not use Desktop as destination dir

    Well strange, that folder (~/Desktop/.fr-20GNNv/.../boot-screen/) existed and had a blank something.cfg file in it. I deleted .fr-20GNNv/ and I think it's all working now.
  2. [ubuntu] gnome-screenshot will not use Desktop as destination dir

    For a while I've been having this problem with the gnome-screenshot utility: I can't save to the desktop.

    When the dialog opens, the default destination directory is ~/Pictures (I wish it would...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Boot from CD-ROM, but install from USB?

    The specifications are definitely low, but it's the RAM that's the bottleneck. Using most text-based Linux live systems actually isn't intolerably slow, however. The CD-ROM itself and the drive both...
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    [ubuntu] Boot from CD-ROM, but install from USB?

    I intend to install Ubuntu 12.04.2 LTS Server on an old laptop, a Sony Vaio PCG-SR33K. This laptop has 64MB RAM and can only boot to its internal hard disk or a PCMCIA-attached CD-ROM drive. Said...
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    [ubuntu] Re: File Transfer: HFS+ to NTFS

    That would probably be a better workaround, but I just ran the rsync job one more time and it finally worked.
    So, copying from HFS+ (journalled) to NTFS is not fun, and the entire transfer went...
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    [ubuntu] File Transfer: HFS+ to NTFS

    This is a rather unfortunate situation and is far from ideal, but I don't have control over the circumstances exactly.

    A client gave me a 500GB external hard drive that was supposedly 'broken.' I...
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    [ubuntu] GNU Screen "Copy Mode" & GNU Nano

    This isn't exactly an Ubuntu-specific quesiton, but I figured the people here might be able to answer this... or at least confirm this glitch.

    I've gotten used to using GNU Screen when SSHed into...
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    [ubuntu] [12.10] AMD A6-3420M (6520g)

    I'm having major problems with the A6-3420M APU. It has a Radeon HD 6520G chipset built in. This laptop also has a discrete graphics card but it has been disabled in BIOS, it would only cause further...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Strange Problem...

    I'm still having issues with this laptop on 12.10, but try the "nomodeset" option if you get a purple screen.

    Hold shift while booting, select "e", find the "quiet splash" et al., line of the boot...
  10. [ubuntu] [12.10] Suspend to RAM Blank Screen on Resume - Lenovo IdeaPad Z575

    I'd been using Ubuntu 10.10 on my IdeaPad Z575 since I obtained it last March, and with a fair amount of hacking I got fglrx and my wireless working. Suspend worked out of the box.

    Recently, I...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu 12.04 Rocks on Lenovo Z570 !!

    HOW does your suspend/hibernate work?
    In a jealous way I find that mildly irritating.
    I just installed 12.04.1 LTS on my Z575, nearly identical hardware, and the screen is unresponsive after...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Lenovo Ideapad z575 won't resume from suspend

    Same problem, would appreciate some assistance in troubleshooting this. I've seen this is a widespread problem across many laptops with the newer kernels, and I haven't seen a single solution so far....
  13. [SOLVED] Re: Guide: Ubuntu AMD Hybrid/Switchable Graphics (APU/GPU) (C2.2)

    Alright, well I'm glad it seemed to work out for you. You mentioned that 3D didn't work and you hadn't installed proprietary drivers; while this may work, I recommend you do install AMD's drivers or...
  14. [SOLVED] Re: Guide: Ubuntu AMD Hybrid/Switchable Graphics (APU/GPU) (C2.2)

    zaphod_es: If you're having other specific issues it may be more beneficial to open a separate thread; however, for the purpose of answering your initial question, yes the processor you linked to is...
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    [ubuntu] Re: AMD A6-3400m turbo-core not working

    I have the same problem on my A6-3420M. Though when I use the frequency scaling applet in GNOME, the CPU also only goes up to 1.5 GHz. How can this be fixed?
  16. [ubuntu] Re: Auto-Hibernate or Hibernate after period of inactivity - Oneiric 11.10

    I also would appreciate the ability to do this. I'm running 10.10, I already tried using gconf-editor to change suspend_ac_mode (or something similar) to hibernate, which allows the "Suspend"...
  17. [ubuntu] Re: Microphone Stops Working In Skype When I Start Surfing The Web

    This is extremely frustrating, I have the same problem, whenever Skype is opened the mic disables until a reboot.
  18. [SOLVED] Re: Hybrid Graphics Issues: Lenovo IdeaPad Z575 (A8-3420M/6550M)

    right, it's true that the GPU *worked* without extra drivers, except the discrete (power-hungry) one was used by default, and 3D acceleration didn't work, so it was basically a more power-consuming...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Lenovo IdeaPad Z575 WiFi (Ralink RT3090)

    thanks for the input - glad to hear it worked well, especially with less steps.

    I figured the guide could be both expanded upon and simplified in various ways, good to know that that worked for...
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    Re: HOWTO: Set your system up for Wake On LAN (WOL)

    Thanks for a helpful guide.
    I meant to also add that while computers connected with a true "wireless" connection will very rarely work with WOL, if you want a desktop that is too far away to be...
  21. [SOLVED] Guide: Ubuntu AMD Hybrid/Switchable Graphics (APU/GPU) (C2.2)

    Well I think I've finally found a way for AMD Hybrid Graphics users to be able to use either GPU on their machines running Ubuntu with AMD's proprietary fglrx driver (+ Catalyst 12.2).

    The purpose...
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    Re: Wireless Projector

    I've heard of EasyMP and am familiar with it, however I never noticed that they had a client for Linux. Were you running the client in WINE? (With what version/configuration?)

    Sorry I most likely...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Lenovo IdeaPad Z575 WiFi (Ralink RT3090)

    Also, the guide is still somewhat disorganized, but I figured I'd correct a bit of it in a new post as I just redid the whole process. (I had to reformat for a different reason and was glad I...
  24. [SOLVED] Re: Hybrid Graphics Issues: Lenovo IdeaPad Z575 (A8-3420M/6550M)

    Thanks for trying to help, I really appreciate it. I would consider underclocking the card for power consumption purposes, or maybe undervolting it, but my proprietary BIOS wouldn't allow it, and...
  25. [SOLVED] Re: Hybrid Graphics Issues: Lenovo IdeaPad Z575 (A8-3420M/6550M)

    I would really appreciate any help here; I need as much as I can get. I have been searching the Web for answers about Hybrid Graphics on AMD APUs, with Linux, and have found absolutely no solution....
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