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  1. Is it possible to run hardware accelerated applications in multiple x servers?

    Pretty much ett what the title says, can I run two X servers with hardware acceleration?

    What i want to do is to run my desktop environment and all of my every day applications in one server and...
  2. [SOLVED] Re: Chrome/Chromium media keys in Unity, Gnome-Shell and Cinnamon

    I solved it myself!

    It was as simple as deactivating the key bindings for media keys in the system settings for Gnome (I believe Cinnamon and Ubuntu use the same application, or at least the same...
  3. [SOLVED] Chrome/Chromium media keys in Unity, Gnome-Shell and Cinnamon

    Hello guys!

    This is mainly an annoyance, but since I am a Google play music user, it becomes a bit of a hindrance. The issue is simply this, when I use the Google play music player in my...
  4. Games sometimes make windows in unity unresponsive to mouse input

    As the title states, sometimes after I have run a game (mostly Dota 2 or L4D2 native, but sometimes WoW or LoL in wine as well), any open windows become completely unresponsive to mouse input, I can...
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    Re: What's the hardest thing you've tried to learn?

    I've never been very good at math, so I would say that learning how the math behind calculating inbreeding depression from pedigrees works, and implementing it in an application without any help was...
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    Re: Ubuntu's First Class Language.

    Its a pretty redundant question, you can essentially pick up any language you want and be able to develop applications for ubuntu just fine :) However, it depends a bit on what you want to do. If you...
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    Looking for a rather strange SciFi book

    Greetings fellow Ubuntians!

    I am looking for the name of a book that I read several years ago, while I was in the 9th grade perhaps. It is definitely the weirdest book that I have ever read and I...
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    Re: Ubuntu is it the one

    To each his own! Ubuntu has some killer applications for some tasks, while others are lacking. For me as a scientist, Ubuntu is perfect! Nice interface, quick access to everything and great tools for...
  9. Re: Valve Corporation's Steam is coming to Linux in 2012

    What I wounder is if this will really means that the games that already are on Steam will also work on Linux (which everyone seems to think) or if it is just a game distribution system for games...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Flash is really dying on Linux and eventually everywhere

    Its pretty old news that Flash support is being dropped for Linux (in fact there was a thread about this not long ago). As the article states though, it will still work in Chrome, and I believe...
  11. Re: Skype programmers

    He is looking for people to talk to over Skype on the subject of programming (not pertaining to the Skype Source Code), he is not asking for help with making changes to skype.

    I'm afraid I cant...
  12. [SOLVED] Re: Need some help understanding instances in Python classes

    Thank you very much! This did indeed solve it :D
  13. [SOLVED] [SOLVED] Need some help understanding instances in Python classes

    Hello again everyone!

    I've started learning Python and don't quite understand how Classes in Python work. For example, I have a class that handles writing to .CSV-files and I want to create...
  14. Re: Inter-process communication between C# and Python?

    Thanks for the help guys!

    I did try to implement some types of IPC other than pure TCP but in the end I realized that this approach was far to slow for what I wanted to do (I had to leave the...
  15. Re: Inter-process communication between C# and Python?

    What could be the issues of using raw TCP? Currently both the server and the scripts run in a single thread (getting everything right is more important than speed in this case)
  16. Re: Inter-process communication between C# and Python?

    I've been developing a terrible headache trying to wrap my head around cross-platform named pipes in Python. I decided to use TCP instead, so the server listens on localhost and the client starts the...
  17. Inter-process communication between C# and Python?

    Hey guys!

    I am developing an application using a server/client structure, where I have a C# application running as the server which recieves queries from Python scripts (the client), processes the...
  18. Writing an interpreter, which language should I use?

    Hey guys!

    As a 15ECT project course at my university I'll be writing a scriptable animal population simulator. The idea is that the user writes scripts that determine what happens to individual...
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    Re: YAY! Java no longer sucks... as much!

    Usually its not necessary for wine either! if you install pulseaudio-esound-compat (PulseAudio ESD compatibility layer) and configure wine to use ESD instead of Alsa, wine will use PulseAudio.
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    Re: How much does the internet weigh?

    Brings my mind directly too... dont be silly, the internet doesnt weigh anything!
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    Re: What the frick *!&!*!*

    What is the problem? Chrome just tells me think doesnt work and suggests instead. Firefox redirects me to Ubuntu Swedens website (which makes sense since I'm a Swedish resident).
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    Re: New NASA data on global warming

    First of all, I'd like to point out that there is more than once model for predicted climate change, some of them for more extreme scenarios than others.

    Secondly, even though the change is not...
  23. Re: Thinking about getting a new laptop (and installing Ubuntu on it)

    Lots of comments here, I am still considering getting that laptop and dual boot Ubuntu and Windows for testing Bumblebee and reporting bugs. However, where do you see that it has Optimus? I cant find...
  24. Re: Thinking about getting a new laptop (and installing Ubuntu on it)

    Would it still work but with reduced functionality? I imagine it would be hard to find a decent laptop with an nvidia GPU that doesnt have Optimus.

    Otherwise, I might consider having just Windows...
  25. Thinking about getting a new laptop (and installing Ubuntu on it)

    Does anyone have any comments on this comp?

    google translated link

    Sorry about google-translated link, couldn't find anything better. Do you think this laptop would work well with Ubuntu? I'm...
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