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  1. Re: DPMS Screen blanking sends me straight to LightDM.

    For me finally doing this (my post from November 16, 2014) worked. Fingers crossed...
  2. [ubuntu] Re: Screen goes black when playing YouTube video on Google Chrome

    I had a similar problem and solved it by disabling the screensaver completely in the system settings - in the screen section and the energy savings section. I decided to go with the X server built-in...
  3. Re: DPMS Screen blanking sends me straight to LightDM.

    I see the same thing on two different desktops now having upgraded to Trusty Tahr. I am using proprietary Nvidia drivers on both PCs. I could not find help in the forums so I live with it for the...
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    Re: how to: automatically umount cifs partitions

    Great solution! Obviously still or again necessary in Kubuntu 11.10. Works fine for me. Since I needed quite some time to find this post I only reply to add some of the keywords I was initially...
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