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    Poll: Re: What window manager are you using right now?

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    Poll: Re: How big of a computer geek are you?

    Zomg I got a full 100 -_-.

    P.S.: Lol @ "4% of Linux users selected Bill Gates as their hero"
  3. Re: Is Microsoft secretly working on Windows 7 for ARM?

    It's not like distributing a copy of Windows costs them anything except the price of the CD. What's more, every new installed copy of Windows, whether bought for 200$ or 5$ or even pirated on the net...
  4. Re: * Microsoft bolsters Windows by slapping Linux-equipped Netbooks

    This is precisely the problem to me. Netbooks (even the early 8''-9'' category) are perfectly capable of being "real computers". Heck, they've got specs that were normal on middle-range laptops five...
  5. Re: Arch Linux is now 64-bit only! No more i686/32bit!

    I use a 500GB USB drive for backups, but it's pretty big so I have to leave it at home. No external monitor though. I'd have to leave it at home too and I barely spend any time there.

    But it's not...
  6. Re: Arch Linux is now 64-bit only! No more i686/32bit!

    My Eee 900 is my only machine and I'd assume I'm savvy enough to use Arch since I'm running it. At any rate, I don't really need a particularly powerful computer in order to write code, send e-mails,...
  7. Poll: Re: Do you switch off your Desktop PC when not in use?

    What about a "I put it on standby" option? That's what I do all the time.
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    Re: Cloud Computing - A Storm Just Started

    That's a domain where the usual guarantees offered by commercial open source actors are not sufficient in my opinion. They might release the source code for their client software (probably won't do...
  9. Re: Linux beware: Microsoft acquires Novell, become UNIX copyright owner

    Nice of the autor to go out of his way to mention the date within the article text though :D.
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    Re: Linux is not illegal... yet

    I think they're banned from some Japanese public baths pretty much for that reason, though.
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    Re: Currently Active Users: 13582 (893 members and 12632 guests and 57 Spiders)

    There's no way I'd believe there's a BBS out there that gets more than 10,000 simultaneous visitors if it wasn't right there on my screen...
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    Re: Cloud Computing - A Storm Just Started

    The very idea of cloud computing (at least in the eye of big business actors) is to lock people in better by moving the closedness to a place where they won't notice it. How can an "interoperability...
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    Re: Why is Ubuntu releasing new version?

    To better explain the rationale, when a new major version of some software comes out the format of its configuration might change, or it might need to be integrated with the rest of the system in a...
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    Re: Your +5 Application Distro

    Conkeror (not Konqueror) and Claws-mail.

    1: GHC
    2: Emacs
    3: Snes9x
    4: GIMP
    5: MPlayer
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    Re: Spreading the word of Linux

    But they do work. If you're worried your friends will give up before trying to install them then just give them a text file or something with instructions on how to do basic stuff in their new...
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    Re: What made Ubuntu so popular?

    All the Ubuntu installs I've ever seen around me except my little brother's (and mine back when I used Ubuntu) use the default theme, at most with a different wallpaper.

    I think most people really...
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    Re: Why is Ubuntu asociated with coffee?

    I stay awake by eating chocolate, not that it's healthier.
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    Poll: Re: How many Operating Systems are there?

    All game consoles nowadays have complete OSes, though I've no idea what they'd be called. Same with phones, PDAs, high-end music players, DVD players, what have you...

    Or are we restricting...
  19. Re: Determining the gender of the word: greece

    French, like most (all?) other Romanic languages, doesn't have a neutral gender though.

    Aside from that, from speaking both French and German I have to say it's very hard to find common traits...
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    Poll: Re: How many people build their own computers?

    I used to back when I actually used desktops, but custom-built laptops are only a distant dream.
  21. Re: Determining the gender of the word: greece

    OT: IMO the proportion of masculine country names in French is much to high to talk about exceptions. As examples off my head, Denmark, the UK, the US (plural masculine), Japan, Lebanon, Congo,...
  22. Poll: Re: How old, or how long have the notebooks you know of lasted?

    My mother bought an HP laptop in ~99 and only got rid of it last year.

    My own "old" Dell latitude was acquired in September 2006 and is still kicking. I had some hardware worries after I took it...
  23. Re: When Did You Switch To Linux And For What Reason

    My father started using Linux when I was still a kid (probably around 2000), and even though I grew up using Windows on my own computers I always had a very clear notion that Linux was simply...
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    Re: Do you do any martial arts?

    Always been interested, never done anything. Guess that makes me just another lame guy.

    I'm an 8th Dan at console-jutsu though :P.
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    Re: Is Redhat the Microsoft of opensource?

    I think I'm feeling a (not so) subtle attempt to abuse the Microsoft=bad connotation here.

    At any rate, Red Hat's target audience is entreprises, and managers seem to like buying concrete things...
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