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  1. Re: External to Internal Hard Drive problem

    I'm gonna hook it up via USB to my Windows machine, see if there are any problems with the disk. I am guessing that there shouldn't theoretically be any problems with connecting an external drive via...
  2. Re: External to Internal Hard Drive problem

    The thing is Ubuntu can read the drive without any problems if connected via USB. You're right though - one thing I haven't done is install the drive into my other PC which dual boots with windows 7
  3. Re: External to Internal Hard Drive problem

    Thanks for replying. I think my original post wasn't very clear, far too late to make much sense!

    Anyways I am not able to mount the drive and I get an error along the lines of: this drive does...
  4. External to Internal Hard Drive problem

    Hello all!

    I want to take an external hard drive (Seagate Expansion Drive 3TB) and remove the hard drive itself so that I can install it into my newly-built PC. I removed the drive successfully,...
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    [ubuntu] Problem with my USB DAC and 12.04

    I have recently (?mistakenly) purchased an Arcam rpac USB DAC for my Ubuntu (12.04) PC. I have torn out all but 3 of my hairs trying to get this to work and have had absolutely no luck so far.

  6. [ubuntu] Re: Wiped 1TB HD with USB startup disk creator

    Thanks for the advice! I used GetDataBack Trial Version, but it wasn't able to recover usable files for some reason (perhaps I was not using it correctly).

    I think you were right about Windows...
  7. [ubuntu] Re: Wiped 1TB HD with USB startup disk creator

    Thank you for the responses so far! Just to update things, I'm running testdisk at the moment. USB Startup Disk Creator formatted my drive from NTFS to FAT32. Am currently trying to use Testdisk to...
  8. [ubuntu] Wiped 1TB HD with USB startup disk creator

    Hi all,

    I (quite stupidly) ran into a huge problem whilst running USB startup disk creator when trying to update my Ubuntu. I mistakenly clicked erase disk when my external Seagate HD (1TB) was...
  9. [ubuntu] incredibly irritating problem in office applications

    Not 100% sure if this is the right place to post a problem I've been having:

    all the text (in the drop-down menus, combo boxes on the toolbars, and even text that i type in office applications -...
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