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  1. Re: Ubuntu 20.04.01 LTS Not Running on VirtualBox After Turning the Pc Back On

    I have the same issue and I bypass it by pressing Right-CTRL + F, twice if you prefer full screen.
    I also did use an old version of Guest Additions 6.1.4, that almost did not have this issue. After...
  2. [ubuntu] Re: VIrtualization on Ubuntu Suggestions

    For years I just load the deb file and the extension pack and install both by double clicking it. I don't worry about automatic updates. Once in a month I check for a new point release, read the...
  3. Re: Ubuntu 20.04 got a lot of things right!

    You did forget to mention, that Ubuntu can be installed on ZFS. I now use it on all my PCs, simply because it protects my files against the frequent power fails in my country of residence. Backing-up...
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    Re: Ubuntu Cleaner

    I use Ubuntu Cleaner and I have used it for a long time. It works reliable for the LTS releases, it did not work for for 19.10. Basically I run it after each update and I can assure you, that it...
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    Re: what is your flavor?

    A minimal install of Ubuntu 20.04 on ZFS as Host OS for my Virtualbox VMs, because of its handling of the workspaces.

    - Ubuntu Mate 20.04 VM for Office tasks;
    - Encrypted Ubuntu 16.04 VM...
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    Re: How does this happen?

    To run ZFS on my Pentium 4 backup server, I had to install 32-bits FreeBSD 12.1 and since 1 year it receives weekly my desktop backup on its 1.2 TB storage (2 x IDE; 3.5" and 2 x SATA-1; 2.5").
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    Poll: Re: Choice of Root File System

    I boot from ZFS and that works perfectly. However I advice to purge the crappy Ubuntu snapshot add-on "zsys".

    I boot and use ZFS and Ubuntu on desktop and laptop! My 2003 Pentium 4 HT Backup...
  8. Re: Lost user data on zfs after reboot

    First of all, how did you create the ZFS Raid-1. Is it a separate datapool created after the installation? Is Ubuntu installed on ZFS and do you boot from ZFS. Do you know how many snapshots you...
  9. Re: Ubtuntu 20.04 guest animation related graphics tearing

    You have exactly the same settings as I have, only I always use 128 MB as video memory in 3D mode. I only use the X session. The other difference is the Host. My Host is Ubuntu 20.04 on a Ryzen 3...
  10. Re: Running newer version of VirtualBox

    You also have to reinstall the Virtualbox Extension Pack, that installs some additional kernel modules. The message indicates that you still have some older Virtualbox kernel modules installed.
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    [ubuntu] Re: issuing seeing Ubuntu desktop

    I had the same problem trying to start the VM in full screen. I got a screen by pushing one or two times CTRL + F. It seems to be a bug in Virtualbox, to avoid having to press CTRL + F all the time,...
  12. Re: list of vendors that sell hardware ready for Linux

    I use a desktop every day, it is always powered on and it suspends automatically. I have a laptop for two reasons:
    - To have a computer when I go to Europe visiting family;
    - As weekly backup for...
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    Re: Linux and FreeBSD in 2019

    Still using FreeBSD, but now version 12.1p3. I have added another spare laptop disk, so the configuration is now:
    - 3.5"; IDE 250GB + 320GB
    - 2.5"; SATA-1; 2 x 320GB
    Every week I power on that old...
  14. Re: For how long are you using your External HDD ? Which brand is it ?

    I bought a Samsung 320GB external drive in 2009. After a while I swapped it with my Seagate 160GB laptop drive. The Samsung drive was ~2 times as fast with a throughput of ~80MB/s instead of ~50MB/s,...
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    Re: Why Ubuntu instead of Manjaro?

    I like both Manjaro and Xubuntu. For me they are largely the same, both using xfce, I have a slight preference for Xubuntu, since I'm familiar with the package manager. With snaps, app-images and...
  16. Re: Oracle VM VirtualBox ! Works Good

    Note that FreeBSD, GhostBSD and OpenBSD are from the Unix family from the seventies from the Bell Labs Research Center by Ken Thompson, Dennis Ritchie and not Linux from 1993 by Linus Torvalds.
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    Re: m.2 nvme drive size

    I did choose the size of the nvme-SSD based on what applications needed that read/write speed of 3400/3000 MB/s. In my case it was the Host OS (Ubuntu 19.10) and my most used and recent Virtual...
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    Re: What works best

    I used Peppermint on a 2003 Pentium 4 HT (32 bits, 3.0GHz) with 2 ancient 40 GB IDE HDDs (Raid-0) and that worked fine and booted in 45 seconds. That CPU is much slower than yours, but your 80GB HDD...
  19. Re: Best way to share docs between desktop and laptop?

    I have an easy job, sharing data between Ubuntu 19.10 desktop and Ubuntu Mate 19.10 laptop, since I use ZFS (Zeta File System) on both systems. I snapshot my desktop at least weekly or sometimes...
  20. Re: Sync Virtual Machine over Local Network

    I only have one instance. I changed the setup and only the desktop Windows 10 is updated by Microsoft nowadays. I lost too much time otherwise updating each of the 25 updatable VMs twice. I do an...
  21. Re: Best way to share docs between desktop and laptop?

    I use ZFS on desktop and laptop and all my data is lz4 compressed. I have ~0.8 TB of compressed data. I synchronize that data weekly from desktop to laptop in ~10 minutes on a 1 Gbps Ethernet link....
  22. [SOLVED] Re: Can you test booting into an nvme drive?

    I installed Ubuntu 19.10 on ZFS on a NVME drive (Silicon Power 512GB) and it worked directly without any problem. I avoid using UEFI, since it has been invented by Microsoft to make out life hell. I...
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    Re: 20.04 - Best Ubuntu Ever?

    I normally stay on LTS releases, but my new Ryzen 3 2200G (16 GB) caused me to move to 19.04 to get the newest drivers. The latest release of ZFS 0.8.1 in Ubuntu 19.10 caused me to upgrade to 19.10. ...
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    Re: Whatever happened to Ubuntu

    Instead of advising to change the distro or release, read the complaints and provide a real solution instead of fake ones:
    - Audio default problem: install "Pulse Audio Volume Control" and go to the...
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    [xubuntu] Re: resize vm screen

    Try pressing Right-CTRL + F or look in the Virtualbox menu belonging to the Guest Window, select View + Full-screen Mode!
    Don't use the Xubuntu Display function.
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