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  1. REALTEK RTL8187 not supporting master mode and hostapd problems

    Hi all am an ubuntu user since 7.10 and I have recently upgraded my machine from 13.10 to 14.04 but after the uprade am unable to use my pc as a portable hotspot via hostapd , everytime i try i get...
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    Re: Orange's modem on ubuntu 8.10

    you can also try using pppconfig to configure your modem.. so that it can connect to the web just follow his simple steps and you are good to go..

    step 1: go to terminal by applications...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Mobile broadband problem, AGAIN!

    you can try to install mobile partner from huawei website or just google mobile partner for linux ... though it may not work in ubuntu we only need the drivers which come with it upon...
  4. [ubuntu] Re: 9.10 karmic, Huawei E169 3G broadband modem, 2.6.31-15-generic kernel - works!

    huewei eg162g modem works fine with jaunty and karmic , just insert it and a new window will pop up asking you for your service provider...
    you can alternatively connect using pppconfig commands...
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    Re: Welcome to the Kenyan forums

    now ubuntu is gaining popularity this is happening very fast here in kenya because windows is a virus infected os if you dont install any anti-virus. So most people prefer virus free OS thats why...
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    Re: Welcome to the Kenyan forums


    My dear Kenyan and non Kenyan friends , I have tested jaunty with most modems available here in Kenya , they provide fast access to the internet but the operator pricing are somewhat...
  7. does wine crash after installing some wild windows programs ?

    hi,all just wanted to inform you that i have wine version 1.0.29 jaunty and it seems that its making my adobe album starter crush by not being able to open the catalogue key which is vital for it to...
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