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    Re: Hauppauge HVR-2250 With Mythbuntu

    Hi, I was using Mythtv up until 0.22 version. Then I switched to Windows 7 MC because my HVR 2250 was such a pain to setup in Mythtv.

    I would like to come back to mythtv using mythbuntu but want...
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    Re: [SOLVED] IMDB lookup in Mythweb .21

    Thanks it works now. Appreciate the tip. However, it does not pull the movie poster image file. Is that part of the script broken??
  3. Re: Sound disappears 3 minutes into recording

    Adding more info on this issue.
    I have tried all of the following Live TV decoding methods:
    Standard (ffmpeg)
    XvMC generic
    XvMC Nvidia
    above with/without opengl sync
    with/without extra and...
  4. Sound disappears 3 minutes into recording


    My mythbuntu 8.04 was working flawlessly until all of a sudden I have this mysterious sound issue.

    Live TV:
    sounds works right after the system is booted. I can switch channels and...
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    Re: Mythtv .21 - Mythweb stuck in pda/wap mode

    Thanks Marc. I did find another post about using different users for wap and pc. So Now I have one dedicated for each type. But its good to know the parameters to force reset the template. It did...
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    Mythtv .21 - Mythweb stuck in pda/wap mode

    Everything on mythweb with version .21 was working. Then I browsed the url with my pda... cool. works, I see a smaller version of mythweb pages.

    Problem is that now I get that same pda/wap pages...
  7. Re: how to diable desktop effects in mythbuntu 7.10

    Thanks for the input. All functionality is working in Mythbuntu. My only problem is that If I exit frontend and start any utility from the menu that needs password (Password prompts comes up and...
  8. Re: strange video-output with Internal player

    I have the same problem, Video works fine as long as i don't pull up a website in Myth OR exit frontend and launch a setup item and the password prompts comes up and dims the whole screen behind the...
  9. how to diable desktop effects in mythbuntu 7.10

    How do I disable desktop effects in mythbuntu. I think that is why I am getting green screens in Live TV, video and dvd play back.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.
    using Asus M2NPV-VM board,...
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    Re: Slow chanel changing

    How's your mysql performance. This could be a performance issue. in my my.cnf I have the following under the [mysqld] section:

    key_buffer = 16M
    table_cache = 128
    sort_buffer_size = 2M...
  11. Re: XV picture controls not working in live tv

    sorry about that,

    Nvidia 6150 (integrated on ASUS M2NPV-VM motherboard)
    currently using the 100.19 (proprietry driver that came with mythbuntu cd)
  12. XV picture controls not working in live tv

    XV picture controls are NOT working in Live TV mode.
    I get the popup for Color/brightness etc but when I try to increase or decrease the setting... it goes to zero with NO effect on the picture.
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    Re: Slow chanel changing

    I had this problem with IDE drive. Switched to SATA drive recently (board support sata 150 only though the drive is sata 300/II) my channel change rtime on external satellite receiver is now 3 secs....
  14. [SOLVED] Green screens in mythvideo with avi files

    Mythbuntu 7.10 Mythtv 0.21

    1. both mplayer and xine take good 10 secs to load a 600 mb avi.
    2. 1st movie plays file, exit, select another avi... both mplayer and xine show green screen with dots...
  15. Re: Is mythweb preconfigued in 7.10 public?

    .21. Resolved now. Had to go in and update .htaccess file for mythtv user password.
  16. Re: Is mythweb preconfigued in 7.10 public?

    Using 7.10
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    Re: Another DVD issue 0.21

    Let me add to this mythvideo fiasco. I did not experience the DVD issue but the update process did not let me select mythvideo (even though it was listed). After the complete update finished and I...
  18. Re: Live TV starts and kicks back to main menu - FIXED

    Fixed. mythbackend.log showed that mysql.txt was not readable. I recreated the file and Live TV is working perfect.

  19. Live TV starts and kicks back to main menu

    Ok, mythbuntu working with just about all mythtv items except Live TV.
    WHen I select LIve tv, I see a black screen and 2 secs later Main Menu is back.

    What could be the reason. PVR-350 is the...
  20. [SOLVED] Is mythweb preconfigued in 7.10 public?

    didn't work for me. I ran the reconfigure command. still getting db access denied "Database Access Denied

    You are most likely receiving this message because you
    have failed to configure...
  21. mythbuntu 7.10 - front end cannot connect to backend !!

    I just finished installing mythbuntu 7.10 and chose Advance setup option and provided a password for mysql.

    Then I put that password in the General setup of mythtv front end. I did that because...
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