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    Re: Fanless mini PCs

    This kind of specs is not going to be that attainable in a mini PC without active cooling. An I5 usually doesn't come with hyperthreading so it's a quad core chip, unless it's a laptop version which...
  2. Re: Security of virtualized guest Ubuntu with Windows 10 host vs dual boot?


    It depends. I forget exactly how the Windows 10 reactivation works. I guess if win 10 was pre-installed then backing it up using macrium reflect and loading into a virtual machine might...
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    Re: Why Ubuntu instead of Manjaro?

    Never used it.
  4. Re: SSD Raid aray - worth it? [solved]

    I got the numbers I was after - Which was ideally how many virtual machines can you run on SSDs vs Hard Drives. I thought it was about 4 with my hardware. Seems I was wrong.

    Turns out the Hard...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Ubuntu 18.04 k3b permissions problem

    Honestly I've never ever messed with permissions or even thought to do it for k3b. Just install and run and always works fine. I recently burned an linux ISO to a CD on stock install.

    Sorry, can't...
  6. Re: SSD Raid aray - worth it?

    Nah. Not using the RAID0 now. I just finished backing up my XCP-NG hypervisor and relegating the spinning drives to backup as I've got some SSDs coming in the post.

    I was really just curious...
  7. Re: Clementine is a brilliant audio player ... Everyone should give it a try

    Agree on this. Clementine is really good. It used to or still is compatible with apple devices too which is handy.
  8. Re: Should I use the latest Ubuntu or LTS version?

    As above, LTS. You can always go to the software authors website and get the newest software release of your favourite app if it has not been put in the repos yet, like gimp image editor, etc.
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    Re: need help badly with RAID5 recovery

    Your screen says it's raid 0 so it's 2x disks acting as 1 now? and raid 5 can only recover from 1 disk failure which should have been switched when it failed.

    Is this server using a dedicated raid...
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    Re: this laptop seems interesting.

    It looks retro in the wrong kind of way though. I wish it had a really fast cpu and ram hidden inside and the retro was just the look.

    I'd rather just get something that's actually old and retro I...
  11. Re: SSD Raid aray - worth it?

    True, good points. I ended up getting a 500GB SSD and mixing it with a 250GB not in a raid for the hypervisor. Guess I'll see how that goes. Relegate the HDDs to storage.
  12. Re: SSD Raid aray - worth it? [solved]

    Hey all.

    I'm thinking of migrating my lab test network from a raid 0 of two spinning hard drives to 2 SSDs.

    I daily backup so I'm not too bothered if the raid dies.

    I've read a bunch of...
  13. Re: Install Ubuntu Server on a Raspberry Pi 2, 3 or 4

    That link works for me.

    Ubuntu server doesn't have a graphical ui by default so it will drop you into the terminal.

    You'll either have to install a...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Installing ubuntu from usb

    unetbootin always works for me for Linux / Windows. If it doesnt, use rufus
  15. Re: Have You Used Pop and Ubuntu (and Mint)?

    As for support - Meh, I fix my own problems :p / Tend not to break stuff / have backups / snapshots.

    In that sense I prefer to think I know what I'm doing before breaking the system.

    Now I've...
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    Re: do you use live distros often and why.

    As above, sometimes you just need the right tool for the job and having the live image can be handy. I tend to just have the ubuntu installer loaded on a usb stick at the latest version ready to go.
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    Re: Why are you a active forum member

    I'm just here for coffee. I arrive, I leave. I stay a while, take a sip, get tired of the taste and leave, moving onto something new. But the coffee is good here and it takes a while to remember that...
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    Re: Which Thinkpad Model/Processor

    On the issue of RAM - I'd say 8GB is a good, fairly future proof amount. Even if you're just browsing the internet modern browsers can get pretty hungry for ram and if you end up having several tabs,...
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    Re: Advantages of 18.04 over 16.04

    I tend to agree that the newer versions of Linux are more likley to support legacy things. Linux is a difficult one in that regard. You can't go too new because bleeding edge may not have been...
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    Re: access shared folder from windows 10

    There used to be some GUI tools to get samba setup, but they seem to be broken in this version of ubuntu. There is an advance tool and it does work, but I honestly found it really confusing. It's...
  21. [ubuntu] Re: Noob question: 18.04.3 install on RAID 1 won't boot. Boot repair doesn't help.

    Software / Motherboard raid or Raid card? I guess it's hardware raid since you were able to install the OS.

    Did you make sure where you installed the boot loader in the right place and make sure...
  22. Re: Cheapest 6 or 8 core cpu for Linux VM Host. (doesn't need to be brand new)

    Thanks for that 'thefu'. That iformation was really good. It was a really tough choice though.

    In the end I decided to upgrade the RAM in the desktop to (2x8GB) + existing 2X4GB = 24GB and sell 2...
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    Re: movies versus reality.

    Skip to 3 minutes to see the typing sequence. :D
  24. Re: Cheapest 6 or 8 core cpu for Linux VM Host. (doesn't need to be brand new)

    Yep. It might be cheaper for now to get a second PC. The cpu upgrades for this motherboard seem to be mostly from china and I'm not sure I'd trust them. The local ones are really expensive.

    I was...
  25. Cheapest 6 or 8 core cpu for Linux VM Host. (doesn't need to be brand new)

    Hi all.

    I'm trying to either migrate to or build a super-cheap VM lab host system on a 0$ budget. I don't want my upgrade or new system to use a boat load more electricity than my current system...
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