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  1. Re: Netbook improvements wishlist, in my usual storytelling way

    At the end of day one, after i did the CPU frequency configs, i let it play music at maximum volume, with the display on at all times. It clocked in at 1:44. Not bad.

    Day two. I didn't use it a...
  2. Netbook improvements wishlist, in my usual storytelling way

    Long story short, i've been given an Aspire One ZG5 to play with. It had a failed BIOS, (possibly) blown LAN controller, missing SSD ribbon and damaged SSD connectors. My job? Fix it.

    I first...
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    Re: Power Management on Intel Atom

    You shouldn't need laptop-mode-tools, here's a definitive solution to the problem.

    Open a file manager as root (open a terminal and type in sudo nautilus).
    Navigate to the File System/etc...
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    [ubuntu] Re: slow disks in RAID - what to do?

    Try playing around with the hdparm command, more specifically check that the DMA flag is set properly. I used to do that all the time. Nowadays it should be mostly automatic but it never hurts to...
  5. [ubuntu] I'd need a router, print server and NAS in 256MB RAM...

    Hey everybody - i've been running FREESCO as my router distro for almost 5 years now, on a Fujitsu P1-233, with 32MB RAM. It's done its job and i think it would be time to retire it.

    I have...
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    Re: DLL File Troubles With Bryce 5.5

    You don't have your video drivers installed right.
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    Re: Call of Duty 4 using wine in 9.04

    First, patch the game to the latest version and get a NoCD. Second, if it does run, don't expect to get more than 10fps on lowest...
  8. Re: Counter Strike: Source Full Screen and Mouse issues

    Time for some answers i guess.

    You cannot upgrade to 64-bit, you will have to reinstall.

    The sound issues can be fixed by removing PulseAudio as it does not play nice with Wine (actually it...
  9. [ubuntu] Installing GTK2 Theme Changer screwed up Audacious

    I installed the GTK2 theme changer a few days ago because some of my themes weren't appearing in Appearance Properties. They did appear in GTK2 theme changer, but the themes in the GTK2 theme changer...
  10. [ubuntu] Possible to lock Gnome icons once and for all?

    The icons in my Gnome panel keep moving by themselves when a game changes resolution. It takes endless clicking and moving the mouse to unlock and put every item in its place. Worse, there is no...
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    Re: half life frame rate problem

    What graphics card do you have? If Wine isn't hardware accelerated it will be very slow. As for your sound problem, PulseAudio is known to lag sound by a significant amount. You could try...
  12. Re: Can I link some of the Steam game files from Windows partition?

    Yes, it should work. From that point on all operations on the link will affect the original file. Thus, updates done under Wine will stay there when you reboot to Windows.
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    Re: Carmageddon 2 Glide on Wine (Guide of sort)

    Uh, is it THAT hard to GOOGLE? First hit was the right file. "carmageddon 2 no cd"
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    Re: Is there a way to get Wine in Windows?

    More likely, there are things that *have* to be there even if they are not used, or they are automatically inserted by the compiler, coz no one still codes in ASM nowadays, isn't it so? Maybe only...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Colourful fonts in Firefox

    The colored edges are caused by subpixel smoothing. If you don't like it use Best Contrast or Best Shapes. Indeed, subpixel smoothing should be disabled on CRT monitors as it makes text look like the...
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    Re: Who needs 4 GB of RAM?

    And the second reason is that you're hitting that swapfile A LOT. Of course the system will not use every last byte of memory because that would make it crash. But i bet you're using at least 85%,...
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    Re: Why the same stupid hard to read fonts???

    Alright, i have finally come to terms with the antialiasing. :P I now use the Droid fonts as sans/serif and Inconsolata as monospace. I have always loved Inconsolata but it looked bad being the only...
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    Re: Ghost Recon iPixelFormat

    Is this the first time you're messing around with the registry editor? I believe so, because the (Default) string has always been there, from Win95 on. You generally leave it alone.

    Right click in...
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    Re: Is there a way to get Wine in Windows?

    DX10 already works on XP. Only a handful of games are supported, but i believe we'll reach DX12 before that handful of games gets supported in Wine...
  20. Re: Please help -- Hitman Blood Money won't start at all

    I have the same issue with a lot of things that should work (eg: Photoshop CS3, that was supposed to be fixed a few releases ago, doesn't even install for me). Maybe the Catalyst drivers are somehow...
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    Re: Is there a way to get Wine in Windows?

    And the OP's friend just happens to be extremely lucky with Wine. :guitar:
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    Re: playonlinux sound issues

    Or remove the dreaded PulseAudio entirely... It doesn't play nice with anything.
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    [all variants] Re: no sound on the internet

    Youtube is a flash site. Most media sites on the net are flash lately... That means your Flash Player isn't working properly. If you are using the open-source one try installing Adobe's player. It...
  24. Re: Any workaround to app wanting CD in drive?

    Heh, all programs run in a virtual machine untill you actually get to do any serious work with them. Unless you have a really fast machine it's never going to be anywhere near native speed. At least...
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    Re: starcraft audio dropout

    You can also access regedit directly via Alt+F2, it makes things a bit faster. :)
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