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    [xubuntu] How can I mount/extract/open .DISK files?

    My Wubi installation of Xubuntu refused to boot up one day, so before I reinstalled it, I made a back up of the 'root.DISK' file that I supposed was the virtual hard disk. I have some precious data...
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    Microsoft hate sites

    Hey, does anyone know of any good Microsoft/Windows hate websites? They're sort of funny to read, especially the rant pages.
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    [all variants] How can I install Java on my PPC

    I looked in Add/Remove programs and found it there but it says it's incompatible with PPC. I looked all over Google and found some guides but none of them work. I really need Java so I can get...
  4. [ubuntu] Should I upgrade from Hardy to Intrepid in PPC?

    I'm using Ubuntu Hardy on my iBook and was wondering if it would be worth it to upgrade to Intrepid. Will it still work with my CDROM and microphone and will it still work fast on PPC? And I was just...
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    Re: Windows 7 - Linux Killer?

    There are still going to be those gramas and grampas and mommas and pappas that are going to buy Windows 7 because it's new and because it's Windows, and newer is supposed to be better. And because...
  6. [kubuntu] Re: How can I install the GNOME desktop environement on Kubuntu Hardy?

    Thanks, installing GNOME now...
  7. [kubuntu] Re: How to make taskbar/panel transparent in Kubuntu Hardy?

    Nevermind, before I didn't have a mouse, so I couldn't right-click on the taskbar and select advance options. Sorry for asking this silly question.
  8. [kubuntu] How can I make my iBook's internal mic work in Hardy?

    I went into KMixer and adjusted some of the input settings, but KMixer is different than the GNOME version and it's confusing. I went into Konsole and tried adjusting it there but it still didn't...
  9. [kubuntu] How to make taskbar/panel transparent in Kubuntu Hardy?

    This was a feature in Dapper, to make the taskbar/panel thing transparent, but I don't see this option anywhere in Hardy. How can I do this in Hardy?
  10. [kubuntu] How can I install the GNOME desktop environement on Kubuntu Hardy?

    I looked in Adept and couldn't find it there. What should I put into Konsole to get it to install GNOME?
  11. [kubuntu] Re: Can Kubuntu Intrepid work on a PowerPC Mac?

    Thanks I'm going to go with Hardy.
  12. [kubuntu] Can Kubuntu Intrepid work on a PowerPC Mac?

    I just looked at the download page for Kubuntu Intrepid and saw that there's no PowerPC download anymore... if it's not going to work for PowerPC anymore then can anyone suggest a different Linux...
  13. [kubuntu] Re: D-Link USB adapter not working with KNetwork Manager, not working at all [Picture

    Please help, my grama is going to kill me if I don't get her computer fixed..

    Edit: Yup, grounded for a week.
  14. [kubuntu] D-Link USB adapter not working with KNetwork Manager, not working at all [Pictures]

    The device is a D-Link WUA-2340 wireless USB adapter. I do not have a wireless card built into my computer. I have a Broadcom card built into my computer, but it's for wired connections, so it is...
  15. [kubuntu] Re: I installed my wireless USB adapter's driver with ndiswrapper, now what?

    This is what I got when I put in sudo lspci | grep -i net:

    04:07.0 Broadcom Corporation BCM4401-B0 100Base-1X (rev 02)
    This is what I got from putting in lshw -C network:

  16. [kubuntu] Installed drivers for USB adapter but nothing's changed in network manager

    I got the inf file for my D-Link WUA-2340 wireless adapter installed with ndiswrapper and it says the device is present when I sudo ndiswrapper -l, but in network manager it still only has the eth0...
  17. [xubuntu] Re: Will Xubuntu work with my Airport card thing?

    My mom's old 2002 laptop with Tiger on it or somethin'. It's iBook I think ya know one of those ones they don't sell anymore.
  18. [xubuntu] Will Xubuntu work with my Airport card thing?

    My Mac laptop has an Airport card built into it will Xubuntu work with this thing

    Xubuntu Jaunty or Intrepid
  19. [ubuntu] How can I install my Dell E177FP display drivers in Ubuntu Intrepid?

    I don't like my screen being in 800x600 mode all of time, it makes everything harder to see. I think that maybe installing my display would allow bigger resolutions. I have my driver but I don't know...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Getting BusyBox when trying to install

    I burned the disk at the lowest speed possible (x8.). Im going to try this. Thanks.
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    [ubuntu] BusyBox when installing Ubuntu

    My computer has no operating systems on it, and I try to boot from the Ubuntu Desktop CD and it does is fancy little loading screen thing after I select the Install option, then after a while,...
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    [ubuntu] Re: ndiswrapper-utils-1.9 not installing

    I figured it out, I just downloaded the AMD64 stuff instead.
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    [ubuntu] ndiswrapper-utils-1.9 not installing

    Whenever I try to install the .DEB file that I get from the Ubuntu site, it says something about an 'invalid i386 architecture' or something.

    Help. Why is this happening.
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    Re: Post your CTRL+V's

    :: Stuff that SkyDrive decided it wouldn't upload ::

    Erin&Jesse fight over computer
    Erin's CellPHONE.avi
    Erin's Gossip.avi
    Erin's Gossip 2.avi
    In the Dollar Store.avi
  25. [ubuntu] Ubuntu not recognizing D-Link Rangebooster G USB wireless adapter

    Ubuntu 8.10
    D-Link Rangebooster G USB 2.0 Wireless Adapter Ver1.40 WUA-2340

    I just installed Ubuntu on my computer with the Wubi thing. I don't have any internet on it right...
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