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  1. [ubuntu] Can no longer do ANYTHING from terminal after trying to install JAVA 7

    GAWD i hate java.

    RESOLVED: Had to install synaptic and reinstall apt, sudo - and im sure i'll have to do that for anything else thats missing... unless someone knows a better way. Boooo JRE you...
  2. [ubuntu] Re: Compiz - rotate cube flahes the screen AGAIN

    Thank you for the info - i am re-installing all partially because i think i had a bad image before.

    How do you lock a repo to a specific version? and how would i downgrade if it happens again?
  3. [ubuntu] Re: Compiz - rotate cube flahes the screen AGAIN

    Well i guess its good that its not just me ? ...

    I had updated MANY things on my ubuntu, so not sure which one actually broke it. :-( I wonder if there is anyway to re-apply the fix from the...
  4. [ubuntu] Compiz - rotate cube flahes the screen AGAIN


    I have that awful problem with rotating the cube where the screen flashes with all of the open windows from the previous screen. I had applied the fix suggested here...
  5. [ubuntu] Re: Compiz cube has a glitch when rotates, and looses window focus


    This worked for me, but now about 1 week later it stopped working. I am not sure how to fix it again .. i tried to update but had none available.

    Thank you for the initial fix - any...
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