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  1. [legacy Windows] Re: Windows XP CD image file. How can I make this a bootable USB drive?

    Using dd on an iso file to make it bootable on a usb requires that it be hybrid, which windows iso files are not. I don't think bootable usb's were common in the days of xp. You might be able to...
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    Re: Dell laptop won't boot from usb

    I'm not sure why your usb won't boot but one thing you could easily try is software other than unetbootin, ventoy, rufus or some other. Have you ever booted a usb from this computer? How old is it?
  3. [ubuntu] Re: I just made dual boot with ubuntu and win10 and i cant get win10 to boot

    Was windows 10 preinstalled on the computer? If it was, it was almost certainly installed in UEFI mode. Did you installed Ubuntu in UEFI mode. The entry for windows which you posted is a Legacy...
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    Re: I could not resize the file root size

    You can turn swap off then delete the swap partition. That will give you less than 2GB of additional space. You can't use the unallocated space or the New partition (sda14) because you have a...
  5. Re: can i install windows using a ubuntu live usb?

    I'm not sure why the methods you have tried to create a bootable windows installer have failed. Have you checked the BIOS to see if your hard drive which had windows on it is recognized there? If...
  6. Re: Dual boot with Windows 10 on non-UEFI system

    Line 77 shows sda1 as esp, line 90 shows it as a vfat filesystem and sda is your 279GB drive. Line 97 shows an EFI partition on sdb2. Line 107 shows a FAT32 (vfat) partition on partition one of...
  7. Re: Dual boot with Windows 10 on non-UEFI system

    Your output shows sda1 as /boot/efi and as a vfat filesystem. If you have windows installed in Legacy mode, there is no reason to have an efi partition. A default install of windows on a Legacy...
  8. Re: Laptop with Zorin Ubuntu doesnt start. Is it broken?

    The link below explains using ppa-purge. If you have a name of a specific package you installed from a ppa, you can simply comment out that line in the file: /etc/apt/sourdes.list by putting a hash...
  9. Re: Live CD - How to start application from old hdd

    If the files you want to copy are on sda1 as iyou indicate above, then you also need to find out which drive/partition the new Ubuntu is on if you are still using the DVD. If you can boot into the...
  10. Re: Live CD - How to start application from old hdd

    You will need to explain what you mean by the above statement, what's different?

    Writing/copying to any location outside your /home/user directory generally requires root permissions, use...
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    Re: new studio installl help please

    Reading the official Ubuntu Documentation on the subject at the link below before trying to install again should answer your questions.
  12. [SOLVED] Re: Cannot boot into Xubuntu 20.04 after upgrade from Lubuntu 16.04

    The ls info from Grub does show the Ubuntu drive as (hd3,gpt5) so use the method you describe in your initial post to boot Ubuntu. Remove any flash drives and run sudo update-grub. The output you...
  13. [SOLVED] Re: Cannot boot into Xubuntu 20.04 after upgrade from Lubuntu 16.04

    If your root filesystem is on sdc5 then that is the correct entry. Grub2 counts hard drives from zero so sdc would be hd2 and partitions are counted from 1.

    Your boot repair is minimal and is...
  14. Re: Laptop with Zorin Ubuntu doesnt start. Is it broken?

    Have you tried going to a root shell prompt as show in one of the images you posted and running the ppa-purge command suggested in an image you also posted?
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    Re: ubuntu usb dual boot

    The first link you posted simply shows how to create a bootable usb of Ubuntu. In the 2nd link it explains how to install. In step 7 of the tutorial, did you select the Something Else option shown...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Repository Confusion

    You can be sure of that by copying and pasting the following into a terminal and looking at the otuput:

    lsb_release -d

    Different ways to accomplish the same thing. If you go to the...
  17. Re: Filesystem root and efi showns as external HDD in file explorer

    How many hard drives do you have attached?
    Could you post the output of either/both commands below which will show actual information on the drives?

    How did you attempt to see if USB drives...
  18. [ubuntu] Re: Dual boot: GRUB gets replaced by Windows boot manager after booting into Windows

    I have two HP laptops, one about 4 years old and one is a few months old. Both are UEFI. I have never updated the firmware on either and have had no problems installing various Linux Operating...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Which Windows partitions can I delete?

    Need more space for what? Your windows system partition is 232GB and your Ubuntu system partition is over 306GB plus a second Linux partition of over 370GB. sda3 and sda7 are contiguous so you...
  20. [ubuntu] Re: Dual boot: GRUB gets replaced by Windows boot manager after booting into Windows

    Are both windows 10 and Ubuntu UEFI installs? If so run the following commands and post the output here which will help others to help you.

    Doing a quick online search, this seems to have...
  21. Re: New installation - file manager not pointing to /home

    No. As pointed out above (in 2 separate posts) what you set using GParted is irrelevant. You need to use the manual option (Something Else) and select the partition you want for /home in the...
  22. Re: How to dual-boot Ubuntu and Win 7 on same drive?

    The first step would be to boot into windows 7 and use the disk management tool to shrink the largest windows partition to leave unallocated space for Ubuntu. If the computer BIOS is Legacc (not...
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    Re: Not new to ubuntu yet.

    Apparently, the OP has left but for those who come acroos this thread in the furture, the size of the drive shown with software used on the system is generally less than what is shown by the...
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    Re: Grub not picking up Windows install

    If the error you are referring to is the one above, that is in reference to the flash drive you are using and is unrelated to your hard drive with windows and Ubuntu.

    You can rename the entry for...
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    Re: Create a Full Install USB of Windows 10?

    No, it isn't. My post stated spedifically that "the windows installer will give you an error message if you try and inform you that it will not proceed". You go on to talk about windows to go which...
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