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  1. Re: kernel 3.2.0-52 removed nvidia Additional Drivers

    This is what worked for me too. I had a scared few hours trying to figure out how to fix it. Wish I came across this post before I wasted all that time. BTW, there are these other drivers from nVidia...
  2. Sticky: [all variants] Re: Graphics Resolution- Upgrade /Blank Screen after reboot

    saw I had an update today so I updated before I was going to go to bed. there were updates involving nvidia and a Linux kernel. everything seemed fine. it said to restart so I did. booted up to a...
  3. HD Video is in Standard Definition in Flash

    When I try to watch HD video on the web, everything seems to be in standard definition. Videos that I download and watch on VLC are in HD, but flash videos do not seem to want to play in HD. I am...
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    [ubuntu] Veetle and Ubuntu 10.10

    There was a fix to get Veetle working on 10.04, but it doesn't seem to be working anymore. I had to edit that vlc file in the .vootle folder every time I wanted to watch Veetle, but now that does...
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