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  1. Re: HOWTO Watch HBO GO, Cinemax, Showtime Anytime, Blockbuster and much more on Linux

    How do you install the two files? And widevine is telling me that it doesn't support Linux??? Any help in helping me figure this out would be greatly appreciated!
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    Re: 13.04 hdmi issue

    Tried it an figured it out. Need to add to the command line with quiet splash, not the one with the two opposing quotes.
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    Re: RealTek RTL-8188CUs working well-how to

    Thank sweet baby Jesus! After a huge struggle I now have 13.04 wireless! This fixes the TP Link WN822N V3, and I am saturating the full 150mp/s. Thank you for making this .deb file!!
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    13.04 hdmi issue

    Hello, posting my issue here.. I really want to like 13.04, but for the sound issue. Things I have tried:
    Installed the daily builds package.
    Installed pulse audio control
    Purged alsa and reloaded...
  5. HDMI sound issue with Radeon 7850 and Ubuntu 13.04

    Hello, first post! I am brand new to Ubuntu, coming from Windows 7. I have tried to get my sound to work on the system and I'm at a loss. I have installed the alsa daily code, pulse audio, disabled...
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