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  1. [other] Re: Grub - Accidentally deleted grub partition.

    We know that you deleted some partitions, making your system unbootable. We suspect that you deleted a bios_grub partition. That can be fixed. But something doesn't add up: A bios_grub partition is...
  2. [other] Re: Grub - Accidentally deleted grub partition.

    When you've got a live disk, you can reinstall grub and do whatever more is needed. Worst case scenario is that you have to reinstall all of Ubuntu, but even that isn't too bad. Right now we've got...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Stuck in grub

    I don't know about phone plans in your part of the world, but on bad days, when my laptop has trouble connecting to wifi, I hook up my phone to my computer and access wifi via my phone, which has a...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Firefox can't stream videos?!

    When you encounter some kind of menu in a terminal, try the tab key to select a button and enter to hit it. Other useful keys: arrows, space, escape. The mouse doesn't work in a terminal.
  5. [other] Re: Grub - Accidentally deleted grub partition.

    There is a grub partition (or what is it called exactly?) if you have a bios/legacy install on a gpt drive. Windows doesn't boot in that configuration, but with Ubuntu only or Windows on a different...
  6. [ubuntu] Re: Root dir in small partition/media rather than the main one

    There are ways to change this, the easiest being a fresh install (and this time doing it right).

    Two things I notice: you've got an extended partition, which is a container for other partitions,...
  7. [ubuntu] Re: Compose Keys for keyboard layouts other than English

    I've never tried with compose set to shift+AltGr. In fact, that option isn't even offered on Xubuntu 20.04.
  8. Re: What can I do when Ubuntu freezes other than unplug power?

    When your computer appears to freeze, it's often only the GUI that's broken. Maybe you can still use ctrl+shift+F3 (or one of the other F-keys) to get to the TTY (one of the ctrl+shift-F<something>...
  9. [xubuntu] Re: Unable to Boot after Installing to SSD drive

    It appears that Windows was installed on sdd (the 4th drive), which is indeed the SSD. It's gone now, as it's overwritten with Ubuntu. But there still appear Windows bootloaders on sdb and sdc, two...
  10. Re: Can I in Firefox to select font I need ?

    That's why I wrote that my response wasn't very helpful. Your settings, disallowing sites to choose their own font, should work. They work on my Firefox 83. It's not a spectacular feature with a lot...
  11. Re: Upgrading Software Built From Source - Just Install New Version or....

    There are no rules. Typically, you can just build the new version and install it, overwriting the old version. Sometimes there were files in the old version that are no longer present in the new, and...
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    Re: Have you upgraded to 20.04?

    Normally I upgrade, but this time, going from 19.10 to 20.04, I did a fresh install. The system had been incrementally upgraded from 16.10, so I thought is was about time for a fresh install. In a...
  13. Re: Can I in Firefox to select font I need ?

    I know this doesn't sound like a very helpful response, but your package manager should have upgraded you to Firefox 83. If you're still on 81, there could be a problem with your package management.
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    Re: loose data from usb external hard disk

    So you had a 320 GB drive and overwrote the first 1200MB of it, so you hope the other 318.8GB are recoverable. Most of the data must still be there, that's true. The tree structure is a different...
  15. [ubuntu] Re: Latest LTS Ubuntu Kernels for AMD64 Keep Breaking

    Because your system is remarkably sensitive to some recent changes in the kernel.

    New kernels are tested before they are released and are only released when they appear to work. But they aren't...
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    Re: Software & Update - Other Software

    Deleting those sources will reduce clutter, but will also make it harder to add them back to your system. If you're sure you'll never need those sources again, you can delete them.

    Have you still...
  17. Re: Possible to Convert Single Boot to Dual Boot?

    If it has Windows 10 preinstalled from an official retailer, it must be uefi. Pretty much every computer from the past 8 years is.

    Cloning your existing system from your laptop to your desktop is...
  18. Re: Special characters in login form NOT accepted

    You're right, somewhat. It isn't very nice of the accounts manager to accept passwords that cannot be typed at the login screen, so maybe it should only accept ascii characters. Except that, if you...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Setting up folders on HDD

    The mountpoint /media/username/partitionlabel is used for partitions mounted by the file manager. If you mount your partition automatically at boot using /etc/fstab, it's better to mount it somewhere...
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    Re: CTRL + ALT + F7 shortcut

    Xubuntu 20.04 still puts the GUI on tty7.
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    Re: CTRL + ALT + F7 shortcut

    ctrl+alt+F(1-7) allows you to switch between multiple consoles. One of them has the GUI, the others are text interfaces. The fsck output was left on one of them during the boot process. Nothing to...
  22. Re: Can't write to any disk except home directory

    There can be, typically, three reasons why people are unable to write to certain parts of their filesystem.

    1: It's mounted read-only. It Windows uses Fast Startup, Ubuntu can only mount the NTFS...
  23. [ubuntu] Re: Compose Keys for keyboard layouts other than English

    I've no difficulty typing using the AFNOR-standardised AZERTY French keyboard layout on Xubuntu 20.04. Assuming your compose key is still a compose key (I use the key with the logo of that other...
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    [ubuntu] Re: upgradable ??

    "19 packages can be upgraded" means nothing more or less than that a new version is available for 19 packages. That installing the upgrades fails is another matter. Linux is very modular. The tool...
  25. Re: Special characters in login form NOT accepted

    You may be able to type special characters if they are directly supported by your keyboard, or using dead keys or the compose key.

    A password with special characters isn't more secure than a...
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