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    Re: High quality text to speech GUI

    (Sorry, didn't get notifications for this thread for some reason.)

    NeoSpeech voices are for sale, but it appears to be quite hard to find a distributor for it (have to contact company...
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    Re: High quality text to speech GUI

    At last: NeoSpeech Voice (Bridget) installed smoothly and works smoothly.

    The sound needed some equalizer fiddling to cut the high-frequency ringing noise, but otherwise all good. The sbreader is...
  3. [ubuntu] LiveCD boot automounts a partition on /cdrom: is this a feature?

    Does anybody know how the block device to be mounted on /cdrom gets chosen when booting from LiveCD? Usually, it's /dev/sr0 as expected, however, I noticed this surprizing behavior: if I happen to...
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    Re: PulseAudio Equalizer Script

    Thank you for the script! Works nicely.

    I'm experiencing the following issue: upon enabling the equalizer the system volume goes to maximum value regardless of what it was before (incl. even...
  5. [SOLVED] Re: CPU lacks cmov - so lubuntu 10.10 install CD won't boot

    Just for information that somebody might stumble on. The dropped i586 support in Maverick can manifest in a failed update from 10.04 to 10.10. The point of failure is the first package that requires...
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    [SOLVED] Re: No Network Manager? 10.04 Lucid

    I've faced the missing-but-running network manager applet problem when (temporarily) switching from wicd to network-manager. This made the icon appear in the panel:

    sudo service network-manager...
  7. [PPC] Re: sungem on PowerMac G4: RX MAC fifo overflow

    linuxopjemac, thank you for referring to Ben. He replied and might look into it.

    Meanwhile, I put the module reloading and interface restarting into a cron job that executes every hour: sudo...
  8. [PPC] sungem on PowerMac G4: RX MAC fifo overflow


    This is the same problem as in this thread, but I cannot move that thread to the PPC section, so I'm starting a new one here (maybe a kind mod could move/combine as necessary, thanks in...
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    [ubuntu] Re: being root when using libdc1394

    Just wanted to note that
    1. checking the webcam box in User Priveleges (which just adds the user to the video group)
    2. changing the group on /dev/raw12394 and /dev/video1394* to video (chgrp),...
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    [ubuntu] Re: temporarily disable pulseaudio in 9.04

    Thank you! pasuspender works great! The problem with killing and restarting pulseaudio process in 9.10 for me was the several annoying side effects (loss of volume systray icon, muting in one of the...
  11. Re: [howto] Mount your Box.Net account using WebDAV

    Thank you for the great HowTo!

    For me, mount, cp, mv, rm all work, and I can create directories, but the directories are not recognized as directories: cd says: "Not a directory."

    Any thoughts...
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    [all variants] Re: Disks don't wake up after suspend?

    I have exactly the same problem in Intrepid 2.6.27-11-generic on Thinkpad T60. The error message printed repeatedly to the console is along the lines of:
    end_request: i/o error on sda, sector...
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