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  1. Re: When does 10.04 LTS DESKTOP Support Stop?

    Thank you, Howefield. I was unable to detect the subtle differences in the colors employed in that chart. My bad.
  2. Re: When does 10.04 LTS DESKTOP Support Stop?

    Thank you all so much.

    So that chart I saw on the Ubuntu Wiki was incorrect. <--- Oh, I see, my bad. That chart is correct! I could not distinguish the subtle color differences it employed.
  3. When does 10.04 LTS DESKTOP Support Stop?


    I'm seeing conflicting info on the web regarding when automatic security fixes support ends for 10.04 Desktop.

    Some, like the Ubuntu Wiki, say it ends after 5 years, which would be in April...
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    Free Programmer's Autobiography

    An programmer who became briefly wealthy during the dot-com mania -- and then lost it all -- is free here. I found it funny, honest, and well-written. Enjoy!
  5. [SOLVED] Re: Make Scroll Bar Always Visible in 11.04 Nautilus?

    Thank you, @ajgreeny!
  6. [SOLVED] Make Scroll Bar Always Visible in 11.04 Nautilus?

    Using Ubuntu 11.04 with the Nautilus file manager --

    How can I change Nautilus's hidden vertical scroll bar that only shows up when I move the cursor over it to be like the old always-visible...
  7. [SOLVED] Re: Ubuntu 10.04 Live CD does not boot either

    I tried booting the Ubuntu 10.04 Live CD on this computer. It showed the logo screen fine, then as it booted, it lost the screen. (The monitor light went from green to yellow and the boot conked...
  8. [SOLVED] "Error inserting vesafb .... 2.6.38" ... after new install


    I have a HP Pavilion a1600n desktop (Athlon 64 x2/1.5g/200g).

    I performed a new fresh install of Ubuntu 11.04 32-bit.

    When I try to boot, it sometimes works fine, other times it does not...
  9. [SOLVED] Thank you Dutch70

    Thank you, Dutch70, I really appreciate your help.
  10. [SOLVED] Any way to revert 11.04 interface to older interface?

    Is there any way to revert the new 11.04 interface to the older interface with the traditional roll-over, roll-out menus?

    Thank you.
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    [ubuntu] Re: How to optimally configure ufw?

    I'm with with you on this one, @nnn=.

    I read the ufw doc here and here.

    If I understood it correctly, users are expected create individual rules from scratch for all their apps and ports?
  12. [ubuntu] Re: WEP Wireless Authentication Rejected (Though Key is Correct)

    Thanks for your reply. Yes, I looked through lots of complicated threads and found other people with the same problem symptom as mine, but no one has solved it using my specific hardware.

    I have...
  13. [ubuntu] Re: WEP Wireless Authentication Rejected (Though Key is Correct)

    I was hoping someone else might have run into this issue, but I guess not.

    Since wireless does work under Windows XP on the affected laptop, I think I'll back up the instance I've got, then go...
  14. [ubuntu] WEP Wireless Authentication Rejected (Though Key is Correct)

    I have 2 laptops running Ubuntu 10.04. One connects to my Linksys wireless modem fine while the other does not.

    The one that does not connect, will connect fine within the instances of Windows XP...
  15. [SOLVED] Re: Update Manager stopped worked (http error 127)

    Gave up. Did a recovery. Recovery was easy but it's disturbing that I never found the problem. Oh well here's to hoping it doesn't happen again.
  16. [SOLVED] No other ideas?

    No one has any other ideas on how to approach this problem?

    I guess I'll do a recovery but I'll turn off Update Manager and not do any updates... I don't want this problem to re-occur. Better an...
  17. [SOLVED] Re: Update Manager stopped worked (http error 127)

    Yes, both PCs are connected exactly the same.

    Thanks for listing the relevant logs.

    I have inspected them and was unable to find anything relevant to my problem (tho I admit I'm not...
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    [all variants] Re: Which Ubuntu version to install?

    If you're asking if your machine has the resources (ram, cpu, etc) to run Ubuntu 10.04 the answer is "yes."

    I run 10.04 desktop edition on a Toshiba Satellite laptop with roughly similar specs...
  19. [SOLVED] Update Manager stopped worked (http error 127)


    I have 10.04 installed and Update Manager has worked fine for months, until about 2 weeks ago.

    When I ask Update Manager to update its indexes, I get this error message returned almost...
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    [ubuntu] Process BACKEND consumes 100% CPU

    I've got several machines that occassionally hang at 100% CPU usage with 10.04 (see thread --

    I just nailed process BACKEND as...
  21. [ubuntu] Re: 10.04 Very sluggish, sys monitor shows CPU working @ 100%

    I also have the 10.04 problem where CPU goes to 100%.

    I've recently installed 10.04 on 3 computers and have this problem on all 3. Their specs are--

    1. P-4 @2.4 ghz / 768M DDR ram / 80G Maxtor...
  22. [SOLVED] [SOLVED] Can't install grub to the install partition


    I'm trying to install Lubuntu to /dev/sda6.

    The computer already has another Linux on it along with Grub.

    In the Advanced tab just prior to the Lubuntu install, it will let me install...
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    [SOLVED] Re: 10.04 install failure on 5 Pentium III's

    Thank you for your replies. Setting the mode gave me what I needed. I'll also look into Lubuntu. Thanks again.
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    [SOLVED] [SOLVED] 10.04 install failure on 5 Pentium III's

    Anyone here installed 10.04 on Pentium III's?

    I have tried installs on 5 of them and have had 5 video failures. These machines all currently run various earlier Ubuntu releases (8.04, 9.04,...
  25. [ubuntu] Re: Video works great -- except for at

    Thanks for your help everyone. It looks like this thread has my answer --
    Thanks again.
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