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    [lubuntu] Re: Lubuntu 20.04 not starting

    You should be able to get to the grub menu using one of those methods. It may take some tries. It's best to configure grub to show that menu always, so that you have no problem using it that one day...
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    [SOLVED] Re: renaming terminal command

    No need to open a new terminal or start a new session; simply sourcing your .bashrc is enough:
    . .bashrc
  3. Re: error message when installing new software

    There are two small problems in the first command:

    Saucy is a very old Ubuntu release (13.10). For some reason it's still there in your sources. The other is a PPA with an authentication issue, so...
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    Re: lubuntu documentation

    The official site of lubuntu is at Look for documentation there.
  5. Re: error message when installing new software

    It's a bit inconvenient if you paste a screenshot in a libreoffice document, then attach that. You can attach the screenshot directly to your forum post. And in case of text from a terminal or file,...
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    [lubuntu] Re: Lubuntu 20.04 not starting

    Can you access the grub menu? There are a few things you can try from there.
    Try booting an older kernel. Maybe there's a problem with a new kernel which was coincidentally installed right when you...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Apt Update Indicator

    - Updates: When available, install. I install them daily, but others only weekly. Some people configure their system to install security updates automatically every day.
    - Residual files: They will...
  8. Re: Can't launch Eclipse after installing

    /root is the home directory of the root user. Stuff installed there is typically only available to the root user. Typically nothing is installed there. The normal places to install stuff manually are...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Upgrades and newer kernel

    The package will be called linux-generic-hwe-something and will come available shortly before 20.04.2, somewhere next January. From that release on it will be installed by default. If you installed...
  10. [SOLVED] Re: Reinstalling Windows on dual boot system

    There are still plenty of legacy (i.e., uefi in legacy mode or simple bios) computers around. Basically every computer that originally came with preinstalled Windows 7 or before, which are most...
  11. [ubuntu] Re: I can't format texts in an email editor or a browser address bar. They disappear

    First sudo asks for your own password before it will run adduser as root. Then adduser will ask for the password of the new user.

    BTW, better to copy terminal output to your post as text, not as...
  12. Re: Not sure were files are mounted on system?

    Your file may be in /media/500GB-Laptop-HDD/, which is where find would find it if you had not excluded the /media directory. find won't find the file in /dev/sdb2, as that's not a directory that can...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Upper menu settings

    Some background that you may (or may not) find interesting.

    There are two basic ways to exit a program. The first is when the program calls the _exit() system call, which is a request by the...
  14. [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu 20.04 Firefox error no Flash plugin

    I see only source repositories (lines starting with deb-src) in your sources.list. flashplugin-installer is not in the source repositories (which are meant to download source code), but in the...
  15. Re: Focal Fossa updates - unattended upgrades dialog - nothing happens

    Since then I removed unattended-upgrades. I set the system to check for updates daily. This only checks for updates, doesn't install them. And I set it to inform me of all updates immediately, but...
  16. Re: I need some help about my memories pictures

    How did you uninstall Ubuntu? If the partition with your private files is still there, you should be able to access it with an Ubuntu livedisk (or any other Linux livedisk). If the files are...
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    [SOLVED] Re: swap increases

    It's normal. Swap that only kicks in when there's really no ram available any more wouldn't be the fastest way to handle memory and swap.

    Just after booting, there isn't much in ram, so there's no...
  18. [ubuntu] Re: Some keyboard letters and space not working on laptop

    Either a hardware issue or a weird bug (BTW, I never heard of that bug before). First try the second solution. If xev doesn't give you any keycodes on those keys, use the first solution.
  19. [SOLVED] Re: Using gparted app instead of live cd gparted in ubuntu 20.04 LTS

    As stated above, if you want to use gpared to modify the partition of your installed system, you have to use a live disk. But a live disk is a great tool to have anyway, as it allows you to fix your...
  20. [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu 20.04 Firefox error no Flash plugin

    Just don't use flash.
  21. Re: Focal Fossa updates - unattended upgrades dialog - nothing happens

    Some time ago on 20.04 I had something similar. The updater had me choose between the maintainer version or the local version of some config file (I think it was unattended-upgrades), although I knew...
  22. Re: usb installation of 20.04 dose not offer installation alongside existing Windows

    Have you used Windows tools to create unallocated space on that drive? When Ubuntu sees the hard drive and sees unallocated space (and you haven't hit the limit on the number of partitions, but that...
  23. [SOLVED] Re: Help! Windows updates ruined my dual boot

    Whatever damage the Windows update did, uninstalling the update won't reverse the damage. The output you get when you try to boot Ubuntu suggests that grub can find the initramfs (maybe in a separate...
  24. Re: After recent updates display and wi-fi is lost

    You can use attachments to add screenshots to your post. If you use a screenshot of only the relevant window (not your entire desktop), the picture is smaller, so it's easier to use and the forum...
  25. [ubuntu] Re: I can't format texts in an email editor or a browser address bar. They disappear

    Have you tried disabling browser extensions? Have you tried running the browser with a fresh profile?
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