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  1. [SOLVED] Re: [Server] postfix _Connection_Rejected_ (with error text)

    [Solution #2?] Seems to work was easy to do and outgoing email seems to be working just fine now. - Mike
  2. [SOLVED] Re: [Server] postfix _Connection_Rejected_ (with error text)

    Thank You SeijiSensei.

    That was excellent information. I tracked down the error message to the exact error about my IP being listed on PBL (Policy Block List) and the message includes a paragraph...
  3. [SOLVED] [Server] postfix _Connection_Rejected_ (with error text)

    Hi All:

    What works:
    1) incoming e-mail using ubuntu server postfix works.
    2) outgoing e-mail using ubuntu server postfix when sent to

    What is broken:
    1) outgoing e-mail from my...
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