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  1. Re: 16.04 Slow to Start and Slow to Finish

    Might have to rebuild Ubuntu, I've been using this operating system for 12 years and have never had such a slow responding system and programs such as Firefox is very slow to respond. Might even need...
  2. 16.04 Slow to Start and Slow to Finish

    Hi all

    I need some help, my Ubuntu 16.04 takes 5 minutes to start and 15 minutes to shut down! From searching it seems its some processes running but how do I find this annoying process and how to...
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    [ubuntu] MOV file error

    Hopefully someone can help with this problem.

    I have 3 x .MOV files from a HD camera on CD, the first one plays fine in VLC, XINE etc but the other two don't.
    when I bring up the properties of...
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    [ubuntu] 11.04 and Windows 7

    On 10.04 the 'host' folder can see the 'documents' folder on Windows 7 so it's useful to have access to the same area whichever system I'm using.

    Just updated to 11.04 and the host folder does not...
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    [ubuntu] Error: unknown command - load font

    Help, I've just carried out an update and when I rebooted it won't let me passed the choose screen with Windows 7 or Ubuntu on it, I choose the Ubuntu and Error: unknown command - load font flashes...
  6. [ubuntu] Re: "Gave up boot waiting for root device" Boot fails...

    I have the same problem, won't boot up today, been fine in the past and just decided to die.

    Will watch this thread with the hope that someone known how to get it to boot.
  7. [ubuntu] Does Linux have a Device Manager equivalent

    Hi all, an obvious newbie here, does Ubuntu have an equivalent to Device Manager where I can see if my machine is working properly?

    I have a problem with my internal web cam not working on my DELL...
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    [ubuntu] Facebook Virus alert

    The link above is to a BBC report of a virus attack through Facebook.

    Question: How will this effect a Linux based system...
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    [ubuntu] SANSA E280 Tagging issue

    I have a SANSA E280 and although I have loads of tunes on it, it doesnt recognize any of them!

    Anyone know what tags the music needs to be set to for the SANSA to recognize the music?

    I intend...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Log in screen gone

    Many thank, I'm back in now.
    It seems that gdm had gone AWOL, got it back now.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Log in screen gone

    Hey dude.... thats super cool its doing something....
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    [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Log in screen gone

    Hopefully someone can help me, I have just switched on my laptop, which usually works well, but now it will not show me my login graphics.
    It comes up with the terminal type login, so I've logged in...
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    [ubuntu] VOB to ISO and Editing?

    What program can I use to edit VOB and ISO files?

    Also is there a program which converts VOB to ISO?
  14. [ubuntu] Re: Keyboard Problem after installing 8.10

    Fixed! Well it kind of fixed itself! :confused:

    I rebooted the machine a few times and nothing had changed, then this morning I switched it on and I can type, the mouse pad works and all the...
  15. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Keyboard Problem after installing 8.10

    My laptop keyboard will not work after installing 8.10.

    The mouse pad kind of works (no menus on right click)

    Update manager says there is 1 update available - libftgl2
    When I try to install...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Shutdown Problem

    Yea!! I got a phone call from Dell today to tell me that my mini 9 will be delivered on Wednesday :) thats two days early. :)

    Well actually!! I'd better not get too excited as it is Dell...
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    [ubuntu] Lost Hardware Manager

    Hopefully this will be a quick one.

    There used to be a Hardware Manager under the System menu on my Ubuntu, for some reason it has disappeared from the pull down menu ???

    Anyone know how I can...
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    Re: Yay! I got a Sansa e208

    I've got a e280. Great piece of kit!

    Although the software provided won't work with Linux based systems!

    I just drag 'n' drop all the music I want to the e280.

    But I can't get my JPEG's and...
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