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    Re: Xubuntu Appreciation Thread

    Time and time again I have tried Ubuntu, but I always run into some issue with Unity where the explanation is simply, "You can't do that. That's just how it is." For instance, try to move the Dock to...
  2. Re: Cafe -- What is Your Favorite Game on the Linux Platform?

    Sudoku. :)
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    Re: New vs. Old hardware

    I like the idea of buying an older system and upgrading it to perform better than it did brand new. For instance, I bought an older Dell Latitude from 2009 and installed a bunch of memory and...
  4. Re: 10 things you can do with Linux - Lifehacker

    Nice article! Linux has bailed me out of many PC problems in the past. I'm glad I know how to use it.
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    Re: What kind of keyboard do you use?

    I use the keyboard that comes with whatever laptop I currently own. This one is on an BM ThinkPad T60p. The keyboard I've used the longest was on a Mac Mini, which was in use for a little over 2...
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