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    [ubuntu] Re: swappiness and performance on a low RAM system?

    I have an old and low 256 laptop which I stopped using when I blindly used Windows. I "booted out" Windows and installed Ubuntu 10.04 Lts (sanity at last). My machine eventually began to get slower...
  2. Do you have Pogo , Java probs and a slow machine ?

    After months of enjoying Ubuntu my old laptop (512MB ram) started run slow .. Pogo was really "iffy" and grey screens slow slow gaming forget it. I down loaded 10.10 and boy did it bring my machine...
  3. Thunderbird ... my email accounts pane is blank .. error message

    Hi Thanks for dropping in. All my my accounts have left the accounts pane in TBird. I looked everywhere, I looked at every button and bit, I looked on line, I looked under the bed but nowhere to be...
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    Poll: Re: Fully functioning linux laptop?

    Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid works like the dreams we had when working in binary :popcorn: I became a corporate enforced windows user. I am free of work now and scrapped windows XP on this old acer travelmate...
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    Re: I'm sorry, but I have to gripe!

    You have every right to gripe .. I started out on binary then later DOS then corporate use of compulsory Windows ..... I love them there dots because the rare occaison in the past few weeks of...
  6. Thread: Do you Google ?

    by ceref

    Do you Google ?

    Into my 6th. week of Ubuntu 10.04 and it is fantastic BUT I have come to believe that Google is a massive poisonous predator. It all started with as a windows user and did not realize Googles nasty...
  7. [ubuntu] Re: 10.04 Internet (dns?) issues after installing updates

    Me too :( .... New to Ubuntu and Linux ... Ubuntu 10.04 Lts I have and is fantastic Kick *** the "paines" out Windows for sure. Love it BUT There is an issue with "mobile broadband" after the...
  8. Firefox "Problem loading page"s ... Google suspected

    Hi all ... I have stand alone Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid and new to Ubuntu and Linux (ex windows drone).

    My Firefox is presenting a lot of "Problem loading page" error messages and a lot of hung pages...
  9. Re: Now maybe Linux will get somewhere

    Hope the guy has the ethics and determination to withstand billion dollar buy out offers to crush the thing.
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    Re: Ubuntu cannot compete with OS X or Windows 7

    I used to be exactly the same .. I tried Linux many times over the past 18 years but I am a user not a geek. I never had the time and anyway windows just worked "kinda" without having to think....
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    Poll: Re: What is your age and what do you use ubuntu for?

    63 ... At last away from Gates of Hell .. Never having had the time on earlier Linux distros but Ubuntu 10.4 is awesome ... plug it in and watch it fly. I am sitting in our caravan in a field in...
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    Re: How many of you completely switched to Linux?

    I am in my second week of Ubuntu 10.4 FREEDOM at last from the Microsoft crap. Every machine I have had eventually got updated and packed out crippling them. I am now enjoying using a 6 year old...
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    Re: suitable WYSIWYG web site makers ?

    I am still like total newbie I have never been in a forum before I should have said WOW to each and all ... I never thought I would have go a response. This is thawing me out after decades of...
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    Re: suitable WYSIWYG web site makers ?

    Thanks for your response I will have a good look.
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    suitable WYSIWYG web site makers ?

    8-[ Hi ... I is new to Ubuntu and so far it is millions of light years better than Windows. But as I am a virgin err that is Ubuntu virgin newbie I need some inside feed. I have to make my own...
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