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    [all variants] Re: ASUS Zenbook Owners UX21 and UX31

    I installed this app to improve battery performance.

    It seems to be working well, but i haven't done extensive tests between the battery life on Win 7 vs Ubuntu...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Ubunutu and the asus zenbook (UX31)

    I just installed 11.10 32 bit on a UX31 and am having problems with the suspend/hibernate. They don't work, as described by RR123RR.

    I did some googling and tried a few things, but no joy so far....
  3. [SOLVED] Re: large NFS copy locks up/hang client with large files (again) (lucid)

    I'm having the same kind of problems with an unresponsive/semi-frozen system doing a large copy (50 files/147 Gb) from a local Lucid ext4 HD connected with a gigabit ethernet nic on a 10/100 switch...
  4. Re: [IDEA] Windows Server Active Directory support

    I hope this idea gets some legs with Canonical! I'd really like to use Ubuntu Gutsy at work. Seems like there are only a couple things I need:

    1) Ability to log into a windows domain
    2) Ability...
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